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From reducing IT costs to increasing workload performance and scalability, there are many compelling reasons to embark on a cloud migration journey. However, making this transition a seamless one is not easy without thorough planning and careful execution. 

As an AWS Advanced Tier partner, 27Global has the validated expertise and experience in successfully guiding clients’ migration to the cloud while supporting unique timelines and business needs. By leveraging 27Global’s team of AWS-certified experts, you can reduce any risk of business disruptions while maintaining focus on your core business.

The 27Global Approach

27Global takes a four-phase approach to any cloud migration project: 

Discovery Phase

Our team of consultants and enterprise architects will analyze your applications, data, and infrastructure to decide the optimal AWS cloud solution for your business. This includes identifying:

  • Opportunities to refactor, replatform, and/or re-architect versus simply re-hosting (lift-and-shift)
  • Interdependencies between applications and data sources that must be replicated in the cloud
  • Opportunities to retire antiquated platforms and optimize cloud infrastructure resources

Definition Phase

A strategy is only as good as the execution of a plan, which is why 27Global uses the information gathered during our Discovery Phase to: 

  • Identify opportunities to utilize containers and AWS’s cloud-native services that optimize your applications’ availability, scalability, performance, and cost 
  • Develop a strategic migration roadmap that outlines the steps needed 

Data Analysis Phase 

Understanding the interdependencies identified between applications and data sources during the Discovery Phase, 27Global’s data architects will: 

  • Assist with data standardization for easier ongoing management of data quality, cleanliness, etc. 
  • Design the best-fit, cloud-native data platform to support your business’s systems and processes 

Cloud Transformation Phase 

  • Leveraging the migration roadmap developed during the Definition Phase, 27Global will seamlessly execute your migration in a way that accommodates business objectives along the way. 
  • Upon completion of your migration, our team of site reliability engineers empowers you to continually monitor your infrastructure to ensure that it optimizes resources and is cost-effective for your business. 

As an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, we’re proud to offer a strong team of trained and certified technical individuals with proven customer experience.
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