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Innovative Solutions for Engineering and Construction

We build innovative, bespoke tech solutions to elevate your engineering and construction projects, setting new standards in efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration. 

Engineering the Future: 27Global's Innovative Solutions for Engineering and Construction

At 27Global, we are deeply committed to advancing the engineering and construction industry by building state-of-the-art technological solutions. Our expertise is tailored to meet the specific challenges and opportunities in this sector, driving innovation and efficiency at every level. 


Advanced Building Tools for Enhanced Construction Efficiency

We’ve built tools for our clients that are designed to streamline construction processes, improve accuracy, and enhance overall project management. These tools enable precise planning and execution, ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality. 

Creating Digital Twins for Optimized Construction Project Management

We specialize in developing digital twins that offer a virtual representation of physical construction projects. These digital twins enable real-time monitoring, simulation, and analysis, leading to better decision-making, reduced risk, and enhanced collaboration among stakeholders. 

Stakeholder Mapping for Effective Collaboration and Communication

We’ve built stakeholder mapping solutions, essential for managing complex construction projects. We ensure that all parties involved are aligned with clear communication channels, roles, and responsibilities. This leads to more effective collaboration and streamlined project execution. 

GIS Integrations for Spatial Analysis and Decision Support

Geographic Information System (GIS) integrations play a crucial role in modern construction projects. We work with GIS solutions and customize them to provide valuable spatial insights, aiding in site selection, planning, and environmental impact assessments. This spatial analysis is key to making informed, data-driven decisions. 

Cloud Optimization for Scalable and Secure Project Management

In the cloud-optimized world of construction, we build solutions that ensure that data and applications are accessible, secure, and scalable. Cloud optimization enhances project flexibility and resilience, allowing for efficient resource management and collaboration, regardless of location. 

Build a Stronger Future with 27Global

Partner with 27Global to leverage our comprehensive expertise in building tools, digital twins, stakeholder mapping, GIS integrations, and cloud optimization. Embrace our innovative solutions to elevate your engineering and construction projects, setting new standards in efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration. 

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