The MuleSoft GIS integration by 27Global provided a lightweight and cost-effective solution to connect the ikeGPS and ArcGIS applications.

Harnessing a streamlined MuleSoft integration to synchronize data and increase efficiencies


A global engineering, architecture and construction firm with a robust electric power transmission and distribution division invested in two software platforms to digitize both utility pole and geographic data. The firm captures as-built information on power poles for transmission lines they design and manage using the best-in-class industry solution, ikeGPS. The firm maintains interactive maps of the same transmission lines using ArcGIS Online, made by Esri, the leading geographical information system provider. Having key pieces of data in two separate systems, the firm wanted to gain a holistic view of planned utility line pathways.

Because the two systems are not designed to be compatible with each other, the firm turned to 27Global to determine and implement the best integration approach.


27Global leveraged the firm’s investment in MuleSoft to synchronize data across both applications, for a streamlined and cost-effective solution. Rather than developing an elaborate, custom solution, 27Global built a process API through MuleSoft for a user-friendly option to integrate the firm’s applications utilizing GIS and ArcGIS integration.

During the four-month implementation of both GIS and ArcGIS integration, 27Global created the system architecture and the flow of the applications so the firm could add and adjust data types in ikeGPS as its use of the application evolved, all while still pulling the information into ArcGIS. This flexibility will allow the firm to continue modifying the applications without concern of hindering the integrity of the ArcGIS integration.


The MuleSoft GIS integration by 27Global successfully provided a relatively lightweight and cost-effective solution to connect the ikeGPS and ArcGIS applications. Once in place, the 27Global team conducted robust training with the firm’s personnel, establishing a foundation for the firm to build upon moving forward.

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