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As one of 50 AWS SaaS Competency partners globally, 27Global is your trusted partner for cloud-native SaaS solutions. 

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As an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner and one of 50 AWS SaaS Competency partners globally, 27Global has unmatched expertise in using powerful AWS services to build, deploy, and manage complex cloud-native SaaS solutions for our clients. And with multiple advanced certifications – including AWS Developer, Solutions Architect, Security and Data – our technical experience and success with AWS solutions offer you agility, security, and simple peace of mind.

Using AWS’s powerful building blocks, our full-team approach creates the blueprint you need to fully reap the scalability, flexibility, and cost-savings benefits of the cloud—whether you’re just now making the move or you’re ready to optimize your existing digital strategy. From serving as a resource to your internal team or completely managing your AWS environment, 27Global is ready to help you accelerate your business.

27Global's Approach to SaaS Solutions

We combine more than two decades of software development experience and Agile development processes to build custom software engineering solutions. First, we ensure we understand the business objectives and features within the scope. Then, we define the user experience and architectural approach and create a sprint plan, which includes ballpark budget and timeline estimates for the release. Testing and demos are part of each sprint plan. Regression and user acceptance testing is completed prior to releasing software for general availability.​

Since our inception, we’ve moved away from the Waterfall approach in favor of the Agile approach for software development. This allows all stakeholders to see work in progress and make adjustments along the way, typically leading to less rework and lower costs in the long run.

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Are you Well-Architected? As an AWS Well-Architected Partner, 27Global has validated expertise in optimizing AWS workloads to ensure clients are reaping all the benefits of the cloud, including:

  1. Identifying areas where architecture can be improved to enhance security and reduce risks.
  2. Optimizing costs by identifying areas of over-provisioning, underutilization, or inefficient resource allocation.
  3. Enhancing operational excellence by identifying areas for automation, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

Unlock more value from your data

Easily capture, store, and analyze your data, making it readily available across the organization. Whether it’s engineering a data platform to optimize data accessibility, moving beyond reports and dashboards into the realm of data storytelling, or discovering uncharted data to expose top-line or bottom-line opportunities, 27Global has the expertise to unlock the value in your data.

Modernize your data infrastructure

Running legacy or on-premise data stores? Self-managing in the cloud? You still have to take care of database provisioning, patching, configuration, or backups. Instead, leverage AWS’s unmatched experience, reliability, and security for your most important applications.

Real-time analytics for actionable insight

Actionable intelligence is only as good as the supporting underlying data. Ensure your data platform is centralized, organized, accessible, reliable, and timely by combining 27Global’s data expertise with the right AWS data services and methodologies.

Innovate & re-imagine

Machine learning can help create entirely new revenue opportunities and improve operational efficiencies. AWS and 27Global can provide the broadest and most complete set of AI/ML services for builders of all levels of expertise.

As an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, we’re proud to offer a strong team of trained and certified technical individuals with proven customer experience. Get started today.

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