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About 27Global

Maintaining your competitive advantage is challenging enough. So, when it comes to transformational software solutions, you shouldn't have to choose between pricey local development firms and risky offshore outfits. It's time to build a better blueprint.

Founded in 2008, 27Global designs, builds and operates custom software solutions for businesses of all sizes. The perfect pairing of a local leadership with offshore pricing, we take the time to discover your business needs and assemble solutions that work for you and your processes—which equates to better quality at a better price. We're a technology-agnostic provider delivering custom software development, site reliability engineering services and DevOps transformation—in the tech stack that's best for you.

Clients large and small have been limited in their choice of IT service providers for too long. Start solving business problems and achieving your vision by engaging a development firm that takes the time to know your business (almost) as well as you do.

Let our award-winning team tackle your toughest tech challenges.

Our Mission & Values

27Global’s mission is to help forward-thinking business leaders create and sustain a competitive advantage through information technology. The company’s core values of Stewardship, Integrity, Ownership, Abundance Mentality, and Be the Best – Expect the Best drive our ability to successfully achieve this mission. These shared core values not only contribute to our award-winning internal culture – they’re also what drive us to achieve exceptional results for our clients.

Behind the Name

27Global drew its name from our founder, Steve Roatch’s experience coaching his son’s football team. “27 Jet Speed” was a football play, one of those plays you save for the critical moments when everything is on the line—and you need to go big. One of those plays that, when planned and practiced, executed properly, with the right skills, in the right positions—results in a touchdown. Inspired by this play, Steve set out to create a company that puts points on their client’s board, every single time.

"27Global knows project management. They have a flexible resource pool, so they were able to scale up when we needed them to. It was like turning on a light switch—just instant availability of resources to get rolling."
Scott Revare
Founder and Former CEO, Center for Fiduciary Management
"Relationships & communication are critical to us. The more we talked to 27Global, the more they felt like people I’d hire to work for me full-time."
Chris Schuster
Vice President of Information Technology, Grain Craft
"27Global helped us create a clear, concise, user-friendly design. As a result, Income Lab is changing the conversation around retirement."
Johnny Poulsen
Co-Founder and CEO, Income Lab
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