Developing a scalable, secure SaaS application powered by AWS's cloud-native services supported BestyBnB's immediate needs while also accommodating future growth in a cost-effective manner.

Customizing highly nimble software architecture for optimal scaling


BestyBnB is a web-based platform, available on mobile and desktop, that enables domestic violence (DV) shelters to search and secure long- and short-term pet boarding options for abuse victims’ pets during their time of crisis.

BestyBnB sought out a software development partner to understand the startup’s business model and product vision. They needed a firm that could provide a full team of resources to execute quick, consistent, software releases. Equally important they wanted a partner that understood the importance of securing personal information (PII) of the victims and that built secure platforms and would “shift left” on security to ensure the personal information (PII) of victims and providers would be protected.

27Global’s expertise in mobile, web, SaaS, and cloud-native solutions as an AWS Advanced partner were an important starting point. BestyBnB was convinced 27Global was the right partner because of our philosophy of “shifting left” (starting early in design) on security and proven track record of delivering long-term results for startups.  


During the discovery phase, 27Global worked closely with the BestyBnB team to understand their vision of the application and key requirements for the initial release (MVP) as well as future expansion.

27Global devised a SaaS web app architecture consisting of an Angular front-end, a containerized, .Net back-end, Amazon S3, and a Postgres database on Amazon RDS. To ensure a smooth response to future growth demands, Amazon ECS was employed for decoupling app components and orchestrating scaled container deployments, and Amazon Lambda functions were used to trigger event-based tasks, including payouts and updates to calendars and billing information. Making the web application available to both iOS and Android mobile users was accomplished with Apache Cordova framework.

A “shift left” approach to security was paramount during development to ensure the large amounts of payment data and victims’ PII would remain secure. Securely storing sensitive data and image/video files was done with private S3 buckets on the back-end, while SonarQube and Trivy were employed to confirm code quality and monitor for vulnerabilities.  Customer data is stored in a secure pooled model.

To streamline user experience and optimize application performance, 27Global incorporated an “institution feature” allowing organizations such as domestic violence shelters to manage the pet-boarding and exchange process from start to finish. Several key integrations were developed:

  • Google Cloud: to provide geo-based mapping features for pet owners seeking hosts in certain locations
  • Stripe: to execute payment/billing processing via custom-built workflows based on institutional needs
  • Twilio: for establishing direct communication capabilities between pet owners and hosts.


AWS services were chosen for their industry-leading scalability, security, and adaptability. Leveraging AWS allowed BestyBnB to have a robust and secure infrastructure that can easily grow as the platform scales. AWS’s commitment to security ensured that sensitive data, especially considering the nature of BestyBnB’s mission, was of paramount importance. Tools like Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS provided reliable, scalable storage solutions, while AWS Lambda and ECS offered flexibility and efficiency in operations. Overall, AWS services were instrumental in building a high-performance, secure, and scalable SaaS platform for BestyBnB.



The BestyBnB SaaS application connects local pet owners and caregivers offering pet-friendly accommodations. The application has direct messaging, scheduling, and billing/payment capabilities.

After achieving proof of concept in Kansas City, BestyBnB hopes to expand its services to other markets and verticals across the U.S. 27Global’s scalable technology has provided them the means to accomplish their goals.

“27Global is a true partner in every sense of the word… Their team is prepared, accountable and always willing to roll up their sleeves to creatively solve challenges. Add to that top-tier technical skills possessed by genuine people, and it creates an ease of collaboration that produces powerful software that looks beautiful and is easy to use. And if all of that wasn’t enough, they are really fun to work with, too.”

-Andy Bond, Co-Founder, BestyBnB

“Bottom line: The BestyBnB platform is better due to 27Global’s involvement.”

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