27Global created Epilogue Opus, a feature-rich, enterprise-level application that moved Epilogue from the desktop to the cloud, transforming the functionality of the product into a cloud-based, SaaS product.

Making the most of the cloud to modernize the Digital Adoption space


Epilogue Systems, a Digital Adoption Solution company, wanted to update their flagship program, taking it from a desktop-based application to a cloud-based one.

Having previously collaborated on that flagship product, Epilogue turned to 27Global and quickly reached the conclusion that updating the product would require starting from scratch.

“They came to us with a vision and said, ‘We want to modernize our legacy application by rebuilding it as a cloud-based SaaS while adding a lot of new features and functionality for our customers that the existing product does not provide.'”

-Tray Ailshie, 27Global 

Epilogue wanted to retain the premise of the original product – allowing businesses to create documentation for their software applications that can be dynamically suggested to their users to aid them in their application workflows.


27Global worked with Epilogue to define and create a more modern and feature-rich SaaS product called Opus, to replace their existing offering.

The new application, which works as a desktop application or a Chrome extension, allows users to quickly create, edit and publish documentation for other web applications to aid their own users in the adoption and use of an application. These documents are dynamically suggested as users navigate the target application and may even be embedded directly into the website to provide instructions in a seamless way.

A robust workflow engine is a key component of the updated program. The workflow engine manages the publication of the documentation from start to finish, allowing selected team members to record, edit, review and ultimately publish documentation in a structured and collaborative process.

One of the highlights of the new product is its ability to collect analytic data that allows companies to improve their documentation, and application in general, by understanding what workflows their users frequent and what help documents are accessed most often.

“Customers can understand not only when their users are getting those document suggestions and where it helps them, but they can start to visualize how users are navigating the application and where they might need more help,” Ailshie said.


At the end of the three-year development process, 27Global had created Epilogue Opus, a feature-rich, enterprise-level application that moved Epilogue from the desktop to the cloud.

“27Global transformed the intent of the product, much of the functionality we needed into a cloud-based, SaaS product,” said Epilogue CEO Michael Graham.

Several of Epilogue’s large customers have adopted Epilogue Opus, and 27Global continues to support those clients. Now, with a modernized digital adoption solution, Epilogue can look to use the technology and information it provides to create improved experiences for users with guided walkthroughs of web applications.

“27Global has been a part of our existence since the beginning and they’ve been a part of our continuous migration and transformation.”

-Michael Graham, CEO, Epilogue Systems 

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