Product Definition & Planning

Build a road map that ensures your product’s success.

Successful product development projects begin with effective planning. 27Global works with clients in the definition and planning phase to ensure they have everything in place to launch a successful Agile development project.

Defining Success​

Incomplete definition of scope and objectives, lack of technical direction, insufficient processes, and unrealistic expectations can doom a custom software project before it even begins. To ensure success, four key components must be defined: Business objectives supported by Epics and an initial product backlog, clearly defined user experience and UI standards, selection of technology architecture and infrastructure, and an Agile development process and roadmap

Agile Development Plan​

Our multi-disciplinary team of consultants will:

  • Capture and outline technical and functional requirements in the form of Epics, User Stories and a Product Backlog
  • Put tools in place to drive and manage the Agile process
  • Establish UI/UX standards and frameworks
  • Select the optimal software architecture and cloud infrastructure
  • Develop high-level estimates of the effort required to deliver the expected scope
  • Prepare an Agile development plan and roadmap

Solution Implementation​

27Global has more than a decade of success delivering complex solutions for a wide variety of industries in Agile environments. Let us help you define your product roadmap. Then let us help you realize your vision by leveraging 27Global’s team of expert software developers.

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