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Technology as the Recipe for Food & Beverage Innovation

At 27Global, we recognize that the Food & Beverage industry faces unique challenges, from stringent regulatory requirements to the need for constant innovation in product offerings. Our technology solutions are crafted to help businesses in this sector enhance operational efficiency, comply with regulations, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Our Expertise

Supply Chain Optimization

27Global’s full-team approach means we bring the business acumen and technical skill sets necessary to develop comprehensive, tailored supply chain management solutions that streamline your business operations from beginning to end. These solutions enhance inventory management, optimize logistics, improve traceability, and reduce waste, ensuring that products are fresh and delivered on time.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) & Quality Control

27Global’s tailored technology solutions help you meet the highest standards of product quality control and compliance. By integrating IoT devices and employing advanced analytics, we enable the management of entire product lifecycles and real-time monitoring of production processes to ensure compliance with health regulations and safety standards.

Consumer Insights and Engagement

Harness the power of data analytics to gain deep insights into consumer preferences and market trends. 27Global’s data solutions help you tailor your marketing strategies to meet customer demands, develop new products, and optimize pricing strategies for maximum engagement and profitability.

ERP and CRM Systems

We specialize in integrating and customizing ERP and CRM systems to unify operations across multiple locations. This integration provides seamless communication between sales, inventory, and customer management systems, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Cloud Transformation Solutions and Security

27Global leverages cloud technologies to offer scalable, secure solutions that grow with your business. We put the utmost emphasis on incorporating the latest cloud security measures into every solution to ensure that your data is secure, accessible, and backed up, providing you with the flexibility to securely manage your operations from anywhere in the world.  We specialize in building cloud environments and helping customers transform their business by moving workloads to the cloud.

Why choose 27Global?

Industry-Specific Expertise

We have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the Food & Beverage industry, which guides our solution development and implementation strategies.

Customized Solutions

Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, we provide tailored solutions that address specific operational challenges, whether you are a small artisan producer or a large multinational.

Innovative Technology

We leverage the latest in cloud computing, IoT, and AI to offer solutions that not only solve current challenges but also provide scalability for future growth.

Enhance Your Food & Beverage Operations with 27Global

Connect with 27Global to see how our technology solutions can transform your Food & Beverage business, helping you achieve operational excellence, comply with regulations, and exceed customer expectations. Contact us today for a consultation and start your journey towards enhanced efficiency and innovation.

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