Becoming Experts in Our Clients’ Businesses

At 27Global, we proudly say that we build custom software, data, and cloud solutions better than anyone else. By definition, each project we engage in tackles something that has not been done before; there is no template or cookie-cutter approach to custom.

Each project requires a unique set of deliverables to satisfy a specific client need. We partner with our clients to solve complex problems, streamline existing processes, automate manual workflows, or implement brand-new ideas that just might revolutionize their business.

When we take on any project, we put ourselves into the shoes of the businesses we partner with, become experts in their field, and deliver value to our clients. We take the time to learn about our clients, their businesses, and the solutions we are asked to build so that we deliver custom software, data, and cloud solutions with unmatched expertise.

  • We are inquisitive.
  • We apply ourselves.
  • We embrace the unknown.

Below, we will discuss these key tenets and practices that make 27Global consultants trusted advisors.

We Are Inquisitive

Open a Dialog with our Client

Our clients will always be the de facto subject matter experts in their line of business. Therefore, we make every effort to actively listen to and learn from them, ensuring we deliver on the project they hired us to complete.

We carve out specific times during a project lifecycle for this knowledge gathering and transfer during the Project Discovery phase. Regularly scheduled touchpoints with stakeholders and product owners establish lines of communication and idea sharing. We do this with the intent of moving beyond a working relationship with the goal of forming a partnership with our client to deliver value and a successful product.

We conduct regular status meetings with our clients throughout the life of the project. As we work to define specific sets of deliverables, we ask open-ended questions. These ongoing discussions provide us with a better understanding of the “why” and the ‘how” for each deliverable. 

Conduct Independent Research

We are proactive. If there is something we are unsure about or need to know more about, then we search out the answers; we don’t wait for them to come to us. For each of the clients we partner with, there are acronyms, phrases, terminology, processes, business rules, or industry-specific knowledge that is unique to them. We conduct proactive research on those topics to learn about the client, their business, and their processes to get up to speed quickly, problem-solve, and provide deliverables that meet and exceed expectations.

Seemingly generic terms like “scene,” “power,” and “energy” take on very specific definitions when you’re working with an Internet of Things (IoT) company or an electrical cooperative. With the rise of smart homes and interconnected devices, there is an increased desire to create, configure, and manage smart devices within a home.

Scenes allow users to lock all their smart doors, dim or turn off all their smart lights, and adjust the thermostat temperature by creating a single Bedtime scene that is activated by a single command or set to run on a schedule. Another benefit of scenes is a way to moderate electricity usage within a home, something an electric cooperative closely monitors, in an effort to better manage their grid.

One way this is being done is by VPPs (Virtual Power Plants). They’re made up of an array of customer batteries, possibly tied to solar cells that generate electricity. Power is the rate at which a solar cell generates electricity, and energy is the amount of electricity generated over time that can be stored in batteries.

In a VPP, the array of customers’ batteries can send excess energy back to the grid at a volume close to that of an entire power plant. The Coop can use this increased supply as a way to mitigate periods of increased demand and save money.

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Part of what makes 27Global so great is our team. We are more than just consultants. Our cloud engineers design, build, and maintain cloud infrastructure in a secure, maintainable, best-practice approach using Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

Technical architects are equally important parts of our project team designing the technology systems, using tools to monitor security, code quality, and version control, all while managing the deployment of programs to ensure the systems run smoothly and reliably. 

There is probably not much that we have not seen or come across. In several cases, someone has experience in a certain business vertical or has seen similar issues when working on a previous project. We encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing within our team to leverage our collective experiences and better serve our current and future clients.

We Apply Ourselves

We love technology. We spend a lot of time getting to know, learn more about, and better understand the technology solutions currently available.

When new technologies are introduced, we initiate the process of evaluation and education to understand how to properly apply them to future projects. Our continuous learning ensures we are always able to recommend and implement the proper solution for our clients.


Every one of our consultants is a Certified Professional Scrum Master. This provides us with a solid foundation for how to successfully manage a project lifecycle with predictable, iterative deliverables.

We know how to put this playbook into action for our clients while using an agile approach to managing the project. We can adjust and pivot to successfully manage the unexpected and still deliver value to our customers along the way. 

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Our teams have years of experience building custom software, creating cloud-based solutions, and implementing a wide range of cloud data offerings (data migration, data management, master data, data normalization, and more) for our clients, and it shows. 

We don’t require them, but our team has no shortage of industry-standard certifications for the services and tools that we work with on a daily basis.

These certifications are not obtained as a goal, but they are a byproduct of learning and experience in the service of our clients. Having this foundational, or expert level, knowledge of systems, resources, and solutions provides us with the knowledge needed to create custom solutions specifically to meet our clients’ needs.

Across our Consulting, Architect, and DevOps teams, we currently hold multiple foundational, associate, and expert-level certifications:

  • AWS Cloud:  35+ Foundational, Associate, and Pro/Specialty-level Certifications
    • We are also one of only 50 companies worldwide to be accepted into the AWS SaaS Competency Partner program.
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud:  40+ Fundamental, Associate, and Expert-level Certifications
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Embrace the Unknown

At first glance, any project may seem like a monstrous undertaking, full of complexities and uncertainty. That is a very uncomfortable place to live and may feel like being on an island. But the good news for our clients is that we possess the tools to thrive in and are comfortable navigating those situations.

At 27Global, we have spent years developing best practices and problem-solving techniques to overcome these challenges so we can create value for our clients during each of our projects.

Focus on Small Bites

Any project, especially large or complex ones, can be intimidating for anyone. We have mastered the art of taking these daunting processes and breaking them down into smaller, more manageable pieces. We see how the pieces fit together, and we apply our standards and experiences to each of those.

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Review Past Experiences

Over the years, we have seen and accomplished many things. Because of this, there are not many things that are completely net-new to us as a company.

Whether this comes from team members or reviewing past project knowledge bases, there are usually parallels or lessons learned from past projects that we can apply to current and future projects.

Ready To See Your Business Thrive?

Now that you know what we do and how we do it, what does that mean to you as a potential client who is interested in partnering with 27Global on a project? It’s actually pretty simple.

We have the tools and experience to quickly gain an understanding of our client’s business vertical to ensure the solution we design for them lines up with their goals and creates value for the business. Guiding projects with precision and agility, 27Global ensures our clients can be confident that the solutions we recommend will be appropriate for their business in this ever-changing technological landscape.

Scott Siegel is a Senior Consultant at 27Global’s Kansas City office. During his almost 2 years with the firm, he has worked with teams to build web applications and data management/migration solutions for a variety of industries in Azure and AWS cloud environments  Prior to joining the 27Global team, he spent a decade as an ecommerce web developer and internal project manager.
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