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27Global works with clients of all sizes, in all industries, around the U.S.

Your industry is unique. That’s why we make it our business to develop a deep understanding of your business.

At 27Global, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt, innovate, and deliver exceptional solutions across a diverse range of industries. Our expertise knows no bounds – we are equipped to cater to the unique technological needs of any sector. While our capabilities extend to all industries, we have chosen to highlight a select few on this page to showcase our specific experience and the depth of our expertise.

We believe that every industry deserves the best in technology solutions, and our team is dedicated to making that a reality. Whether you’re in healthcare, retail, education, or any other field, we have the skills, experience, and passion to drive your business forward. Let us show you how we’ve helped others in your industry and how we can help you too.

Explore below to see how we’ve tailored our solutions to meet the specific needs of these industries, and remember, this is just a glimpse into our capabilities.

Financial Services

In the ever-changing landscape of financial services, 27Global’s specialized services promote transformation and integration, enabling financial institutions and fintech service providers to navigate industry complexities with confidence and efficiency. With expertise in big data projects, we empower financial institutions, wealth managers, and financial traders to harness vast datasets for deeper insights and strategic decision-making.


Insurance companies are often burdened with aging on-prem applications that just don’t cut it in today’s rapidly changing environment. That’s why our clients trust 27Global’s expertise and methodology to transform and modernize their insurance operations, ensuring a strategic transformation that enhances scalability, security, and operational efficiency.


27Global is committed to powering the future of energy by building tailored technology solutions for our clients. With a deep understanding of the dynamic energy industry, our teams empower energy companies to unlock the full potential of their data and foster innovation.

Engineering & Construction

At 27Global, we design and build solutions to address the specific challenges and opportunities within the engineering and construction industry. Our cloud optimized environments ensure scalable and secure project management, enhancing flexibility and resilience for efficient resource management and collaboration.

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Our work speaks for itself. We enable the future by providing high-quality software, cloud, data, and technology solutions for clients across industries, including financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, engineering and information technology.

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