Information Security & Compliance

Protecting your organization by proactively identifying and addressing threats and vulnerabilities.

At 27Global we take a holistic approach to information security. We can perform security audits, penetration tests, provide advice on best practices for identity management, firewall management, container security, web application security, data governance, vulnerability scans, and intrusion detection. Only 27Global, with our strong DevOps culture, Cloud-native software expertise, and Site Reliability Engineering practice, can deliver comprehensive, end-to-end info security preparedness.

Our Approach​

We turned all our practices that enable clients to pass SOC audits, PCI/HIPAA compliance, and White Hat security reviews into a checklist to use as a diagnostic to assess the security preparedness of an IT organization. We’ll also run penetration tests of target applications to identify existing vulnerabilities. Next, we prepare an actionable plan to remediate vulnerabilities and install required security practices.

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Client Projects

Our work speaks for itself. We’re enabling the future by providing high-quality software, cloud, data, and technology solutions for clients across industries including financial services, healthcare, engineering and information technology.

Making the Most of the Cloud to Modernize the Digital Adoption Space

Managing Data to Improve Client Outcomes

Building the Future of Retirement Planning

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