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Slow is the New Down

No longer should your greatest fear be your system going down. (Though with IT downtime costing companies an average of $5,600 a minute, you should still be very afraid of that.) Instead, your biggest fear should be your applications slowing to the point of user frustration. Slow is the new down.

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CI/CD + Test Automation for the Hackathon Win

I have been writing code professionally for over a decade so when I get the chance to build something that is not work related, I feel a childish glee. This chance comes at least once a year, when I participate in HackMidwest, Kansas City’s largest hackathon....

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Staff Spotlight | Caylor Luther

While every project has its twists and turns, Caylor Luther enjoys finding the right questions to ask. Read on as we reveal what life’s really like for a consultant at Twentyseven Global. Title and Role When asked to describe his title and role, Luther replied, “My...

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An Introduction to Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

If your business is competitive and growing, chances are you have a mission critical software application running inside your data center or in the cloud. Since your application is mission critical, when it goes down, you’re losing money and possibly losing clients....

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