Game-Changing Analytics: How the NFL and Businesses Score Big with AWS

The photo is iconic: Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Len Dawson smoking a cigarette during halftime of Super Bowl I. In 1967, a smoke and a Fresca on the sidelines of the most important game of your NFL career wasn’t out of the ordinary. Back then, the health risks associated with smoking weren’t widely known. Similarly, in that era, the NFL didn’t have the advantage of Amazon Web Services-powered analytics to analyze and enhance on-field performance. Fast forward to Super Bowl LVIII, when it would be as surreal to picture Patrick Mahomes smoking on the sidelines as it would be to watch the broadcast of the big game without a constant stream of player and team stats. 

Let’s face it: In a world fueled by information, businesses either thrive on data or get left in the digital dust.

In the fast-paced world of sports and business, the ability to gain a competitive edge is the golden ticket to success. Both the NFL and forward-thinking businesses have discovered a powerful weapon in this fight: cutting-edge data analytics powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This isn’t just about fancy charts and graphs; it’s about unlocking insights that translate to wins on the field and in the marketplace.

Let’s explore the fascinating parallels between how the NFL leverages AWS data analytics and how businesses can harness their own data to score big in their industry.

From Playbooks to Performance Optimization

Imagine coaches having access to a player’s speed, agility, and play patterns broken down in meticulous detail. That’s the power AWS analytics gives NFL teams, allowing them to optimize player performance. This translates to informed coaching decisions, personalized training programs, and even real-time in-game strategies.

This shouldn’t be exclusive to the gridiron. Companies can and should leverage similar data-driven approaches to optimize employee performance, analyzing productivity metrics, customer interactions, and market trends to identify areas for improvement and make data-backed decisions that boost your bottom line.

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The real-world impact of data-driven strategies is demonstrated in various industries, like tech. 27Global supported Twinify Technologies with an entity manager portal that allows users to seamlessly configure digital twins through multiple third-party resources, including Neo4j graph database, nDimensional, and AWS. The platform enables Twinify’s internal team to focus on what they do best—building data pipelines. 

Fans First: Personalization for the Win

The roar of the crowd isn’t just about passion; it’s about connection. The NFL uses AWS to analyze data from various fan touchpoints, allowing them to personalize the fan experience. Think targeted content, special offers, and engagement strategies tailored to individual preferences. That’s the power of data in action.

Building strong customer relationships starts with understanding them. Using data analytics, you can segment your audience, analyze their behavior and preferences, and craft personalized marketing campaigns, product recommendations, and customer support that resonate deeply.

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Data can translate to loyal customers and increased revenue. Take Ernst-Van Praag (EVP), for instance, which needed a rebuild of a custom ASP/MySQL system to enhance consultant workflow and increase transparency with clients. 27Global helped EVP launch DataLink, which substantially improved their data and document management capabilities and improved their bottom line.

Protecting Your Players, Protecting Your Business

Injuries can sideline not only players but also championship dreams. That’s why the NFL uses AWS analytics to monitor injury risks by analyzing biometrics, movement patterns, and injury history. This allows teams to take preventive measures and keep their stars shining on the field.

Risk management is the unsung hero of any successful business. Data analytics can be your armor, helping you assess and mitigate risks in areas like supply chain disruptions, financial fluctuations, and cybersecurity threats. By proactively addressing potential pitfalls based on data insights, you can ensure your business stays on the winning track.

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27Global’s work with BestyBnB, a web-based platform that enables domestic violence shelters to search and secure pet boarding options for the pets of abuse victims, is a prime example of how data can be used to safeguard your operations. Working closely with the BestyBnB team, 27Global developed a scalable, secure SaaS application, powered by AWS’s cloud-native services, to support their immediate needs and also accommodate future growth.

“Bottom line: The BestyBnB platform is better due to 27Global’s involvement.”

Andy Bond, Co-Founder, BestyBnB

Calling the Right Plays: Data-Driven Decisions Make All the Difference

Coaches gain real-time insights into opponents’ strategies and weaknesses during a game. That’s the edge AWS analytics gives NFL teams, allowing them to devise strategic game plans and make informed decisions on player substitutions and play calling in the heat of the moment.

In the corporate world, data-driven decision-making is just as crucial. Businesses must analyze market trends, competitor strategies, and customer feedback to make informed choices that align with market conditions and customer expectations. Don’t leave your success to chance; empower yourself with data-driven insights.

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Case in point: Bandera Electric Cooperative (BEC) exemplifies how data can lead to smarter business strategies. 27Global’s team leveraged AWS’s comprehensive suite of cloud solutions to modernize BEC’s Apolloware app, transforming it into a robust, scalable SaaS solution to meet its growing member base’s evolving needs. The end result? Apolloware is now able to give BEC’s customers insight into personal energy consumption habits and tips for more efficient energy usage.

Turning Data into Dollars: The Monetization Game

The NFL goes beyond just analyzing data; they leverage it to create new revenue streams. Through partnerships, sponsorships, and enhanced fan experiences powered by data insights, the league unlocks additional income that fuels its continued success.

Your data holds similar potential. Use it to identify opportunities for new products, services, or strategic partnerships. Data-driven insights can open doors to innovative revenue models and help you tap into previously unseen markets.

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The Center for Fiduciary Management (CFFM) needed rapid product development, and 27Global’s FinTech experience and expertise with AWS cloud services enabled them to enhance the service they provided their clients and ultimately led to a successful acquisition. “This project gave us the opportunity to go after more businesses than we could before, and it helped us from an acquisition standpoint for someone else to acquire us because we were well-rounded,” says CFFM’s founder and former CEO Scott Revare. 27Global’s work with CFFM demonstrates how, when it comes to generating additional income, data is the new oil.

The Future is Data-Driven

Embracing data analytics allows businesses to optimize performance, enhance customer experiences, manage risks effectively, make informed decisions, and unlock new revenue streams. When we have more effective data, we perform better. It’s why instead of puffing on cigarettes and knocking back cold Frescas, today’s players actively train to enhance their respiratory capacity and hydrate with water and sports drinks instead of bubbly beverages. The same is true for your business: Those who embrace the power of data will be better positioned to adapt, innovate, and sustain a competitive advantage.

Ready to team up with an AWS Advanced Tier Services partner who is AWS Data Specialty certified? Step onto the field of data-driven decision-making with 27Global to analyze your plays — and watch your business score big.

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