Game-Changing Analytics: How the NFL and Businesses Score Big with AWS

The photo is iconic: Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Len Dawson smoking a cigarette during halftime of Super Bowl I. In 1967, a smoke and a Fresca on the sidelines of the most important game of your NFL career wasn’t out of the ordinary. Back then, the health risks associated with smoking weren’t widely known. Similarly, […]

Unleashing Operational Efficiency: Treating Infrastructure as Software

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Do you find yourself consistently grappling with missed deadlines, environment disparities, and a lingering lack of trust in your team’s ability to deliver reliable infrastructure? If so, it might be time to rethink how your company views infrastructure. It’s not just a technological entity; it’s a software problem waiting to be solved. Shifting Perspectives: Infrastructure […]

27Global Achieves Elite Designation from Amazon Web Services as a SaaS Competency Partner 

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Few companies achieve the distinction that proves rigorous technical expertise and customer success  LEAWOOD, Kan.— As one of only 50 companies globally meeting strict criteria, 27Global, a software, data, cloud engineering, and IT consulting company has achieved acceptance into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) SaaS Competency Partner program. With this elite designation, 27Global now has […]

Leveraging AWS Redshift Materialized Views for Telemetry Data Aggregation

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In many industries, especially energy and utilities, efficiently managing large volumes of telemetry data from diverse IoT devices is critical for managing operations and making data-informed decisions. With more and more types of devices becoming interconnected every day, properly aggregating telemetry data becomes key to derive insights and ultimately gain value from your data. Once […]

Effective Account Management in AWS Organizations: 5 Proven Strategies

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Having multiple AWS accounts is like having a buffet of security and cost management options. You get to enforce controls, enhance your security posture, and streamline audits. It’s like building your own little fort in the cloud, protecting your digital treasures. This approach also introduces complexity in oversight and operations. So let’s break down five […]

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too – A Balanced Approach to Tenant-Specific SaaS Customizations

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The development and deployment of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions have become more streamlined with cloud platforms like AWS. However, for any given SaaS solution, the complexity of delivering a unified yet customizable experience for tenants can become a challenging balancing act. The dilemma of developing tenant-specific features becomes even more pronounced for SaaS companies that have […]

Mastering Backlog Management in SaaS Development: A 27Global Perspective

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As a SaaS development services provider, 27Global’s mission has always been to create impactful and reliable solutions that enable our clients to attain certain goals, whether that be increasing customer satisfaction, business growth, etc. One often under-emphasized but crucial component of engineering any SaaS solution is management of the development backlog. Why Backlog Management Matters […]

Unifying B2B and B2C Elements in a SaaS Platform on AWS

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The digital landscape is a multifaceted ecosystem where boundaries between B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer) are increasingly getting blurred. As software as a service (SaaS) solutions grow more sophisticated, the necessity of accommodating both B2B and B2C elements in a single SaaS platform becomes evident. These platforms must cater to the complex needs of businesses […]

Tenant Isolation in the AWS Cloud: Navigating the Trade-offs between Siloed & Pooled Approaches

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In today’s rapidly evolving SaaS landscape, tenant isolation remains a cornerstone for achieving security, performance, and operational efficiency. As companies look towards leveraging the AWS cloud’s capabilities for their SaaS applications, one key decision that emerges is the choice between a siloed and a pooled approach to tenant isolation. Both options come with their distinct […]

Foster Growth, Efficiency, and Compliance: A Guide to Developing SaaS Solutions in AWS Cloud

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The Software as a Service (SaaS) model has revolutionized the software industry, enabling companies to deliver applications and services over the internet with ease. One of the most compelling, dynamic platforms for developing SaaS solutions is the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud. By offering a range of cloud-native tools, infrastructure, and services, AWS has empowered […]