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As an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, 27Global is your trusted partner for application modernization solutions.

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Antiquated IT, siloed proprietary applications, outdated processes, and resource-intensive operations can slow your pace. 

Early cloud adoption focused on migrating applications and infrastructure with minimal changes to the code or architecture (re-hosting). While these migrated workloads can benefit from the elasticity and scale of the AWS cloud, unlocking additional value, such as resiliency, quicker deployments, and easier management requires modernizing the application and architecture to be more cloud-native. 

What is Application Modernization?

Taking your application environment in the form that it’s in today (most likely, legacy and monolithic) and transforming it into something more agile, elastic, and highly available by: 

  • Rewriting Code from Legacy 
  • Breaking Monolithic Apps into Microservices 
  • Building Serverless Workloads 
  • Implementing Containerized Solutions 
  • Updating/Migrating Databases and Data Warehouses 
  • Implementing CI/CD Pipelines 


Many companies taking steps toward application modernization are blocked by the complexity of legacy applications and their interdependent systems. Decoupling this tangled web, and then re-architecting utilizing cloud-native services, as well as determining how to replicate with public cloud technologies, modern architectures, and the new processes and development workflows that come with them, can seem daunting.

27Global's Approach to Application Modernization​

Drawing from over a decade of experience developing cloud-native applications, 27Global can provide guidance and support for reengineering your applications and updating your workflows with modernizing applications regardless of where you are in your cloud transformation journey: 

  • Serverless Refactoring: Break up monolithic, legacy applications and systems to maximize the agility, reliability, and cost-saving benefits of the cloud. Serverless architectures offer the highest efficiency and cost benefits of the cloud by pushing nearly all infrastructure and software management to the platform. 


  • Container Adoption: When serverless isn’t an option, containers are the preference for deploying modern, complex, distributed applications. Containers often require minimal changes to the application, making them the perfect evolutionary step when significant refactoring isn’t appropriate.


  • Cloud-Native Replatforming: Incrementally modernize your application by adopting managed platform services as drop-in replacements for databases, messaging, API management, logging, monitoring, alerting, and more.

27Global takes a threephased approach to modernizing applications: 

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Are you Well-Architected? As an AWS Well-Architected Partner, 27Global has validated expertise in optimizing AWS workloads to ensure clients are reaping all the benefits of the cloud, including:

  1. Identifying areas where architecture can be improved to enhance security and reduce risks.
  2. Optimizing costs by identifying areas of over-provisioning, underutilization, or inefficient resource allocation.
  3. Enhancing operational excellence by identifying areas for automation, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

As an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, we’re proud to offer a strong team of trained and certified technical individuals with proven customer experience.
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