Kicking the Tires on Your Cloud Systems: How an AWS ‘Well-Architected Review’ Can Benefit Your Org

I have a writer friend who’s a good writer—like really good. But regardless of her skill, she always knows there’s room for improvement, always wants to check her work. That not only means running spell check, of course, but also asking for other writers’ perspectives—how could that sentence be clearer? What’s a better word to use there?

As IT professionals, our world is no different. We all benefit from each other’s experience and viewpoints, and we all get better from someone checking our work.

If you’re in the cloud already but wondering whether it is performing optimally, secure, or capable of scaling effectively, an AWS “Well-Architected Review” (WAR) is the perfect solution to provide that insight and, in addition, help reduce your organization’s risk and realize new AWS cloud cost savings. Basically, this review can help you identify your gaps and give you a clear plan to remediate them.

What’s an AWS Well-Architected Review?

Intended for anyone in a technology role – including CTOs, developers, architects and anyone in operations – the AWS Well-Architected Framework is a set of best practices for building on the AWS cloud, based on six key pillars:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Performance Efficiency
  • Cost Optimization
  • Sustainability

AWS architects used their many years of experience of building solutions (and also reviewing architectures from thousands of customers) to develop this Framework and provide AWS clients a standardized way to assess their cloud environment.

As a member of the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program, we’re proud to be in a small class of Advanced Tier Consulting partners worldwide with validated expertise in this framework. We know building secure and optimized infrastructure in AWS can be challenging, especially when time and knowledge are not readily available, and because it’s more important for your developers to stay focused on your core IP. So, we’re excited to offer AWS Well-Architected Reviews to help you truly optimize your workloads (and associated costs), streamline operations, and ensure optimal performance in AWS.

These reviews also serve as a “tune-up” to help you stay up-to-date with the rapid innovation from AWS—so you can rest easy knowing your cloud architecture is always aligned to the most modern best practices.

Partners like us have in-depth training on the Framework and can help you implement these established best practices into your cloud architecture, as well as measure workload states and make any needed improvements.

How can an AWS cloud review benefit my business?

The advantages of this review? They speak for themselves:

AWS cloud cost savings

Cost is top of the list for any business leader, and we’re consistently seeing a reduction in customers’ cloud spend following their WAR and remediation efforts. The review helps you measure your overall efficiency, analyze your expenditures, and use managed services to decrease your ownership costs.

Right-sizing resources

A review can also help you better size your resources to more accurately meet your cost targets—sometimes by decommissioning resources you don’t need anymore, or scheduling resources to spin up and down only when needed.

Capacity and demand scalability

We can also use the review to ensure your capacity matches anticipated demand (without exceeding it) while still allowing you to set up new resources quickly when you need to make additions. Any issues with performance, operations, reliability or security are logged, alerted and remediated quickly.

Performance analysis

And maybe most importantly, the process can help us create goals and metrics specific to your business that you can use to measure performance, cost, and return on investment.

Funding for remediation work

AWS makes this a no-brainer by offering attractive funding incentives to customers who partner with 27Global to identify and prioritize any deviations from best practice and then remediate any high-risk issues identified by the WAR. AWS can help offset a portion of the associated cost in the form of AWS credits, which can be applied directly to your monthly AWS bill. And because we’re an AWS-validated partner, you know the work will be done the right way and with your business goals top of mind.

Okay, so how can 27Global help with my AWS cloud review?

As you develop your cloud platforms, it’s more important than ever for you to have a solid, stable and reliable infrastructure in place. After all, those systems form the backbone of so much of your business.

That’s why it’s crucial you work with the right partner to make sure your journey to the cloud starts on the right foot—or, if you’re already there, stays running at optimal efficiency. Our ability and expertise to perform the AWS cloud assessment as well as any remediation work have been validated by AWS experts. Working with us also means you don’t need to burn your own employees’ time, and we’re able to perform the work much more quickly.

Looks like checking your work just became a big win-win.

Ready to get started?

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