Staying Ahead in the Age of AI

Frenzy. That’s the best way we can describe the perception of artificial intelligence today. Ever since the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT 3.5 in November 2022, the world has been moving at breathtaking speed. Within our team, many became quick adopters of ChatGPT, testing its capabilities and learning how to use it effectively. It’s been a paradigm shift away from […]

Unlocking Enterprise Data’s Full Potential Through Strategic API Layer Implementation

In today’s connected world, immense amounts of data is being created at a rapid pace. Forward-thinking businesses are continually seeking ways to enhance their technology to improve efficiency, streamline operations, and provide superior customer experiences. A critical aspect of achieving these objectives lies in the effective use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).   In 2002, Jeff […]

How to Choose a Cloud Provider

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Our approach at 27Global is unique because it’s what enables us to work with a variety of hosting environments, like cloud, on-premise or a hybrid hosting model.

The Strategic Role of API Management using Gateways

Effective API management is central to modern digital strategies, ensuring seamless interactions between disparate systems and services. Here, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of AWS API Gateway and Azure API Management and introduce another compelling option for certain scenarios: the Ocelot API gateway. The Case for AWS API Gateway AWS API Gateway excels in […]

Combining Business Acumen with Technical Expertise for Exceptional Outcomes

Team Develops Custom Software

Running a business is hard! Every business is unique, and with that comes a unique set of challenges and opportunities. At 27Global, we combine business acumen with technical expertise to solve business challenges and create and sustain competitive advantages. Project teams consist of Consultants & Scrum Masters, Architects, Site Reliability Engineers, Developers, and Quality Assurance […]