Software Engineering

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Our software engineering services are available on a turn-key basis or through delivery team(s) contracted for an agreed-upon capacity and time frame.

Custom Software Development

Utilizing Agile software Development practices, 27Global's approach specifically addresses the key challenges facing IT shops today. Craft your competitive advantage with custom software development.

DevOps Transformation

We’ve baked DevOps principles into our business and our client engagements. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, producing proven solutions for routine tasks like configuration management, deployment, or release orchestration, while continuously working toward new certifications and tools to stay abreast of technology and market trends.

Testing Excellence & Automation

Building software better than anyone else requires shifting left on quality and security, use of tools, and a relentless focus on testing from requirements through production support. We take a holistic view of testing and focus on issue resolution, remediation, and prevention.

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Case Studies

Our work speaks for itself. We enable the future of enterprises by providing high-quality technology solutions for clients across industries, including financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, engineering and information technology.

Helping Patients Achieve Autonomy through Adaptive Technology

Leveraging MuleSoft Integration for Greater Transparency, Efficiency

Managing Data to Improve Client Outcomes

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