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With Cloud-Native architectures, a Full-Team approach, Agile method and DevOps mentality, we build software better than anyone else.

We approach software like an engineer approaches a bridge or a building. What is the purpose of the system? How will it be used? What load must it support? What environment must it operate within? How will it be maintained? Answers to these questions will inform the choice of a technology stack and the baseline architecture. Our software engineering services are available on a project basis or through delivery teams contracted for an agreed-upon capacity over a specified time frame.

How We Do It

27Global's custom software engineering methodology encapsulates the best Agile development processes along with our best practices from decades of software development experience. Combining the two, we emphasize an iterative build, clear definition of requirements, collaboration, and testing throughout. The development process begins with an up-front definition period to elicit and capture user stories and requirements, as well as define the architectural approach. Following that, work is organized into releases, and releases are then organized into 1-4 week sprints. All work is regression-tested prior to hand-off for the final User Acceptance Test and production release.

Why We Do It

At 27Global, we've moved away from the Waterfall approach to software development in favor of Agile. This allows all stakeholders to see work in progress and make adjustments along the way, typically leading to less rework and lower costs in the long run.


Whether it’s a new software capability, replacing an aging system, or updating an existing one, we can tailor a project to suit your needs. Every custom software development project is managed locally and includes architecture, design, quality assurance and DevOps support and development. Clients often engage 27Global for ongoing software maintenance following the initial build or move straight into a second phase.

Fixed Capacity

Often our clients have needs spanning several projects or have unique skill requirements for an extended period of time. For these situations, we offer an agreed-upon team with specified skills for a specified length of time—usually from six to 12 months—but we can be flexible on duration. As with our project-based work, our fixed capacity software engagements are managed locally and include architecture, design, quality assurance, DevOps support and development. For some clients, we are the entire software team. For others, we are supplemental to the client’s existing team, providing surge capacity or rounding out the team with additional skill sets.

Solutions for Startups

27Global’s expert team can help you select the technologies, design a solution and build an MVP (Most Valuable Product). We offer immediate access to hard-to-find software development skills. To investors, our experience and reputation represent investment protection. Investors tell us “the risk of delivering the technology just went down by engaging 27Global.”

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Web, Mobile & Cloud-native
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Whether you're on the cloud, moving to the cloud or deploying on-premise, 27Global has the experience with modern architecture, enterprise-grade software development, containerization and automated deployments to help you at any point on your cloud journey.

Our Expertise

Good app design isn’t just a matter of graphic design. What separates good design from great design is a matter of selecting the right framework, implementing it correctly and developing a solution agile enough to respond to the changing needs of your organization. As expert solutions architects, we can best determine the right technical requirements and your team’s level of expertise to deliver the perfect software solution for your business.

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Our work speaks for itself. We’re enabling the future by providing high-quality software, cloud, data, and technology solutions for clients across industries including financial services, healthcare, engineering and information technology.

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