Custom Software Development

Twentyseven Global specializes in custom software development on a wide range of platforms, from Java to Microsoft .Net to all popular mobile operating systems. We specifically developed our approach to offering software services to address the key challenges facing IT shops today.

Solving Tech Talent Scalability

As software becomes increasingly vital to creating competitive advantage, mid-sized companies face the nightmare of a talent shortage in software development skills. This shortage results in wage pressures, difficulty finding key skill sets and an inability to scale a team quickly enough to meet business milestones. Midsized companies are currently forced to spend heavily on recruiting firms, hire expensive consulting boutiques or risk their projects being developed by hard to manage offshore teams.

Twentyseven Global was born out of the necessity to solve this problem. We built a system for software services that leverages the advantages of both a local and offshore team. Our local team has the project management, architecture, consulting and quality control skills required to make a project successful. Our offshore team has a ready supply of software developer talent.

An Engineering Approach

We approach software like an engineer approaches a bridge or a building. What is the purpose of the system? How will it be used? What load must it support? What environment must it operate within? How will it be maintained? Answers to these questions will inform the choice of a technology stack and the baseline architecture. Our software services are available on a project basis or through delivery teams contracted for an agreed upon capacity over specified time frame.

Engagement Models



Whether it’s a new software capability, replacing an aging system, or updating an existing one, we can tailor a project to suit your needs. Every custom software development project is managed locally in Kansas City or Denver and includes architecture, design, and quality assurance support in addition to code creation. Clients often engage Twentyseven Global for ongoing software maintenance following the initial build, or move straight into a second phase.

Fixed Capacity

Often our clients have needs spanning several projects or have unique skill requirements for an extended period of time. For these situations we offer an agreed upon number of developers with specified skills for a specified length of time, from six to twelve months or more. As with our project-based work, our fixed capacity contracts include onshore architecture and design, and both offshore and onshore quality assurance support. For some clients we are the entire software team. For others, we are supplemental to the client’s existing team, providing surge capacity or rounding out the team with additional skill sets.

Solutions for Startups

Twentyseven Global’s expert team can help you select the technologies, design a solution, and build an MVP. To Kansas City and Denver entrepreneurs, we offer immediate access to hard-to-find software development skills. To investors, our experience and reputation represent investment protection. Investors tell us “the risk of delivering the technology just went down by engaging Twentyseven Global.”


Twentyseven Global’s approach to software services is a modified Agile methodology that emphasizes an iterative build process, clear definition of requirements, and a continually maintained product backlog. This approach starts with the definition and prioritization of key user stories which allows us to lay out the vision for the site at a high level. Work is organized into releases driven by business objectives. Within each release, the site is built incrementally in 1-4 week “sprints”. This allows all stakeholders to see work in progress and make adjustments throughout the software development process.

A flowchart illustrates a software services and development approach that is a modified Agile methodology.

How We Do It

Twentyseven Global’s custom software engineering methodology encapsulates the best Agile development processes along with our best practices from decades of software development experience to emphasize an iterative build, clear definition of requirements, collaboration, and testing throughout.  The process begins with an up-front definition period to elicit and capture user stories and requirements, as well as define the architectural approach.  Following that, work is organized into releases and releases are then organized into 1-4 week sprints.  All work is regression tested prior to hand off for final User Acceptance Test and production release.

Why We Do It

In most cases it is not practical to document all requirements up front, have the development team build to spec and come back months later with an application that doesn’t require a lot of changes.  At Twentyseven Global we have gone away from this Waterfall approach in favor of Agile.  This allows all stakeholders to see work in progress and make adjustments along the way.  In the long run, this typically leads to less rework and lower costs.

Twentyseven Global’s approach to service and development is one that matched our needs perfectly. They effectively mix a collaborative approach with an adherence to process which is a capability found only in companies who put dedication to service ahead of just making money. We are proud to have a partner like we do in Twentyseven Global.

Dale Knoop

Co-Founder, Raz Mobile

Our methodology is what makes Twentyseven Global unique. Access to skills is one thing, but it is our engineering approach that ensures consistent results.

Matt Henley

VP of Client Service, Twentyseven Global


A great software application is only as good as it’s user experience. What does it look like? How easy is it to use? This is a difficult problem for any team to solve; however, using a standard approach to understanding your target audience and business requirements, we can craft the design to meet your goals.

Knowledge Gathering (Discover)

The most critical part of the design and development process is understanding the product and the audience for it.

Utilizing user interviews, we gather feedback from existing or potential users to identify challenges they face with the application. This provides greater insight into how the product needs to be designed in order to address user behavior and pain points.

Our designers work directly with our business analysts in defining user stories to ensure a full understanding of the the application both in the immediate term as well as into future sprints.

A graphic illustrates the design process for software development.

Wireframes and Iteration (Define)

The design process begins with hand sketched drawings of proposed UI’s usually in a whiteboard session. These drawings allow for quick iteration in person to hone the overall design and flows. After the whiteboard, these designs are converted to simple wireframes and we begin an iterative review process with the client and users to further refine the final design. Lastly these wireframes are converted into full color mockups for final review and ultimately, development in a sprint with accompanying business requirements.

A whiteboard illustration shows how the design process begins with sketches.

Development & Delivery

During active development of finalized designs and stories, we continue the iterative design process by looking ahead to future sprints and the backlog. Understanding the evolving business requirements throughout the agile process necessitates continued review of existing and future designs. After a sprint is delivered, user testing may require changes to existing UI/UX as well as the design approach going forward. The agile development process allows us to address these issues as soon as they are found and adjust course immediately.

A flowchart illustrates the design and iteration process of software development projects.


Twentyseven Global pairs each project with dedicated, comprehensive testing to insure the quality of your software services and to certify that your software project is truly production-ready at launch. Based on your needs we can employ a variety of testing methods including automated unit tests, functional testing, load testing and more.

Test engineers work together to resolve a development issue.

700+ Test Engineers

19+ Years of Software Testing Experience

  • Full Product Verification
  • Test Automation
  • Test Planning & Execution
    • Automated Unit Testing
    • Functional Testing
    • Integration & System Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Regression Testing
    • Compatibility Testing
    • Installation & Upgrade Testing
    • Configuration Testing
    • Localization Testing
    • Security Testing

Why Twentyseven Global?

Predictable Delivery
This starts with project management. Our on-site teams have proven track records at leading systems integration firms and software companies. They are skilled in managing offshore projects and practiced in the methodologies that make them successful.
Access to Key Skills

Java, .Net, and mobile development skills are scarce in most US markets and command a price premium. We solve this problem by taking development work offshore to locations with an abundance of skills and a pipeline of young talent and university affiliation.

Cost Effectiveness
This means projects delivered on time every time with the right skills and a competitive cost structure. This does not mean the cheapest offshore rate. Our delivery centers average over a decade of successful operation, low attrition, deep and current skill sets, and business cultures that align with US companies.
We have access to over 1,500 developers in our offshore centers—a number that is constantly growing. Whether you need small project team support or a sustained, high growth offshore capability, we’re prepared to meet your needs.
Software developers craft a custom solution for a local entrepreneur.

If you are looking for a development team that is going to provide you with a quality product, keep you informed throughout the process and that you will enjoy working with, Steve and the team at Twentyseven Global will be your guys. I can’t thank them enough for saving us from our other development team. They’ve set us up for future success and we absolutely recommend them.

Troy Fairchild

CEO, Bids Made Easy

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