27 Global provides custom software development and site reliability engineering services to create and sustain your competitive advantage.

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Custom Software Development

Twentyseven Global specializes in custom software development on a wide range of platforms, from Java to Microsoft .Net to all popular mobile operating systems. We specifically developed our approach to offering software services to address the key challenges facing IT shops today.

Site Reliability Engineering

Twentyseven Global’s Site Reliability Engineering practice takes the DevOps philosophy and put it to practice to not only help improve internal processes between developers and operations but also to help the company provide insights into what is actually happening within their environments.  Deliver faster and swiftly respond to business changes by implementing DevOps with Twentyseven Global.  Innovate more rapidly and become more accepting of changes by implementing SRE with Twentyseven Global.

Why Twentyseven Global?

Predictable Delivery
This starts with project management. Our on-site teams have proven track records at leading systems integration firms and software companies. They are skilled in managing offshore projects and practiced in the methodologies that make them successful.
Access to Key Skills
Java, .Net, and mobile development skills are scarce in most US markets and command a price premium. We solve this problem by taking development work offshore to locations with an abundance of skills and a pipeline of young talent and university affiliation.
Cost Effectiveness
This means projects delivered on time every time with the right skills and a competitive cost structure. This does not mean the cheapest offshore rate. Our delivery centers average over a decade of successful operation, low attrition, deep and current skill sets, and business cultures that align with US companies.
We have access to over 1,500 developers in our offshore centers—a number that is constantly growing. Whether you need small project team support or a sustained, high growth offshore capability, we’re prepared to meet your needs.

Solving Tech Talent Scalability

As software becomes increasingly vital to creating competitive advantage, mid-sized companies face the nightmare of a talent shortage in software development skills. This shortage results in wage pressures, difficulty finding key skill sets and an inability to scale a team quickly enough to meet business milestones. Midsized companies are currently forced to spend heavily on recruiting firms, hire expensive consulting boutiques or risk their projects being developed by hard to manage offshore teams.

Twentyseven Global was born out of the necessity to solve this problem. We built a system for software services that leverages the advantages of both a local and offshore team. Our local team has the project management, architecture, consulting and quality control skills required to make a project successful. Our offshore team has a ready supply of software developer talent.

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