From Flexibility to Focus: Why Migrating from NoSQL to SQL Can Empower Your Data Strategy

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Choosing a data storage solution is crucial for any project. Initially, NoSQL’s flexibility and scalability might be ideal for unstructured data. However, as your solution grows and data complexity increases, structured data, consistency, and robust transactions become paramount. This is where a shift to a SQL database becomes a strategic move. Transitioning to SQL signifies […]

Azure B2C for Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM)

Identity Access Management (IAM) is a fundamental security component in a modern business. IAM is the process of centralizing and standardizing user registration, authentication, and authorization and is critical to establishing proper control over what goes in – and out – of your IT environment. A subset of IAM is Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) […]

27Global Achieves Elite Designation from Amazon Web Services as a SaaS Competency Partner 

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Few companies achieve the distinction that proves rigorous technical expertise and customer success  LEAWOOD, Kan.— As one of only 50 companies globally meeting strict criteria, 27Global, a software, data, cloud engineering, and IT consulting company has achieved acceptance into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) SaaS Competency Partner program. With this elite designation, 27Global now has […]

Effective Account Management in AWS Organizations: 5 Proven Strategies

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Having multiple AWS accounts is like having a buffet of security and cost management options. You get to enforce controls, enhance your security posture, and streamline audits. It’s like building your own little fort in the cloud, protecting your digital treasures. This approach also introduces complexity in oversight and operations. So let’s break down five […]

Accelerate Your Cloud Migration With a Certified AWS Partner

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How long have you been living with legacy systems that are “good enough”? Or maybe you’ve launched some of your business assets to the cloud, but—now what? You’re ready for “cloud 2.0” but have no idea what your next steps should be. Our latest news might just be the solution you need. 27Global is excited […]

27Global Achieves AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner Status in Amazon Partner Network

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LEAWOOD, Kan. — 27Global – a software, data, and cloud engineering and IT consulting company – announced it’s now an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner in the AWS Partner Network. The new designation recognizes the firm’s ongoing commitment to rostering a technical team of AWS-certified individuals, utilizing AWS’ client-eligible benefits, as well as its proven […]

Unlocking Enterprise Data’s Full Potential Through Strategic API Layer Implementation

In today’s connected world, immense amounts of data is being created at a rapid pace. Forward-thinking businesses are continually seeking ways to enhance their technology to improve efficiency, streamline operations, and provide superior customer experiences. A critical aspect of achieving these objectives lies in the effective use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).   In 2002, Jeff […]

Cloud 101: Making the Move

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The cloud and companies that help support its business uses can be confusing to fully understand. At 27Global, we eat, sleep and breathe cloud technology. We’re here to break down the basics so that you can successfully make moves to keep your company competitive, innovative and secure.