Accelerate Your Cloud Migration With a Certified AWS Partner

How long have you been living with legacy systems that are “good enough”? Or maybe you’ve launched some of your business assets to the cloud, but—now what? You’re ready for “cloud 2.0” but have no idea what your next steps should be.

Our latest news might just be the solution you need. 27Global is excited to announce our recent promotion to AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner —which means whether you’re in the cloud already or not, you no longer need to settle for “good enough.” This new designation – which recognizes our strong team of AWS-trained and certified technical individuals along with our proven customer service – allows us to work more closely with AWS’ network of resources to ensure we can continue to build custom solutions that enable small and mid-sized businesses to leverage the global power of AWS cloud.

Benefits of cloud migration

The timing could never be better: After all, a cloud migration is no longer an “if” anymore; it’s now about, “How fast can we get there?” The benefits are very real, too: A recent report from IDC showed that businesses that have made the move to AWS have seen some amazing ROI, including reductions in operations costs and downtime and increases in staff member productivity.

Whether you’re looking to address labor shortage issues with automation and data analytics or you’re looking to scale while optimizing operational efficiency, now might be the ideal time to finally position your business for growth and improved resiliency. 

Benefits of working with an AWS Advanced partner

By leveraging the expertise of an AWS Advanced partner, your organization can make more informed decisions about your cloud strategy—all while reducing the risk associated with implementation and operations. A partner with our level of experience can help you maximize your return on investment by providing solutions tailored specifically for you. And as the cloud market continues to evolve, we’re well-positioned to help you make the most of your cloud journey in the following ways:

Cost optimization

Leveraging a partner’s experience can help you avoid costly mistakes that could lead to overspending or wasted resources, as well as provide you with access to discounted pricing models not available to everyone else.

Access to resources

We can develop specialized tools and services designed specifically for AWS customers that allow them to quickly launch projects and scale operations with ease. Additionally, partners can provide access to additional resources like migration services, training and certifications, technical support, and more.

Increased security

AWS partners have the necessary skills to ensure customers are adhering to security best practices in the cloud, such as creating and maintaining secure environments for their applications and data.

Strategic guidance

While AWS provides powerful building blocks, our full-team approach (with a personal touch) creates the blueprint you need to fully reap the benefits of the cloud.

Cloud migration and data consolidation 

We’re also helping companies realize the value held within all their data—something we recently did for one of our clients, Bandera Electric Cooperative. As Bandera saw firsthand, there are numerous advantages to uniting all your data living in disparate data warehouses, data lakes, and other purpose-built data stores – into one location. Adrian Bridgwater recently wrote about this tactic in Forbes:

“We need to move data around less. What businesses need from cloud computing … is the power to work on their data without having to transport it around between different clouds, different databases and different repositories, different integrations to third-party applications, different data pipelines and different compute engines. … Now that we are firmly entering the era of cloud-native where information is born in and of the cloud, we need to be able to work on it without clogging up the virtualized information superhighways we can now travel down.”

Finally, not only do we have the experience and business acumen to truly understand your vision, processes, and business goals, but our partner level is the perfect fit for small-to-mid-sized businesses that want to leverage the power of the cloud in a cost-effective way.

Execute your cloud migration with an experienced partner

Since 2008, we’ve been working with forward-thinking business leaders who seek to scale or streamline their businesses and to create a lasting competitive advantage. Now celebrating our 15th anniversary, this new relationship with AWS is the latest way we can help you modernize your data infrastructure while adding agility, security, and – let’s face it – simple peace of mind to your operations.

Our unmatched experience and full-team approach – combined with the reliability and performance of AWS – allows us to create custom solutions for your business. We can also provide valuable advice on how to create an effective cloud strategy, identify potential challenges and opportunities, and help you decide which services are best suited for your business needs.

Let’s make 2023 the year in which you decide you deserve so much more than “good enough.” Ready to make the move? We’ll be your guide.

Let’s get started.

Steve Roatch is founder and CEO at 27Global, a software, data, and cloud engineering and IT consulting company, Inc. 5000 honoree in 2021 and an Inc. 2023 Best Workplaces winner.

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