Game-Changing Analytics: How the NFL and Businesses Score Big with AWS

The photo is iconic: Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Len Dawson smoking a cigarette during halftime of Super Bowl I. In 1967, a smoke and a Fresca on the sidelines of the most important game of your NFL career wasn’t out of the ordinary. Back then, the health risks associated with smoking weren’t widely known. Similarly, […]

Accelerate Your Cloud Migration With a Certified AWS Partner

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How long have you been living with legacy systems that are “good enough”? Or maybe you’ve launched some of your business assets to the cloud, but—now what? You’re ready for “cloud 2.0” but have no idea what your next steps should be. Our latest news might just be the solution you need. 27Global is excited […]

27Global Achieves AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner Status in Amazon Partner Network

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LEAWOOD, Kan. — 27Global – a software, data, and cloud engineering and IT consulting company – announced it’s now an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner in the AWS Partner Network. The new designation recognizes the firm’s ongoing commitment to rostering a technical team of AWS-certified individuals, utilizing AWS’ client-eligible benefits, as well as its proven […]

Unlocking Enterprise Data’s Full Potential Through Strategic API Layer Implementation

In today’s connected world, immense amounts of data is being created at a rapid pace. Forward-thinking businesses are continually seeking ways to enhance their technology to improve efficiency, streamline operations, and provide superior customer experiences. A critical aspect of achieving these objectives lies in the effective use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).   In 2002, Jeff […]

Drowning in Data

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It’s no secret companies are tracking virtually every interaction with customers, partners, suppliers and employees, but did you know the average enterprise uses more than 450 different software applications to do it? Businesses are producing enormous amounts of data, but if they’re not putting it to work for them, it’s nothing more than a bunch […]