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Advertising production cost consulting agency Ernst-Van Praag (EVP) was in need of rebuilding a custom-built ASP/MySQL system in order to enhance the workflow of their consultants’ daily activities and increase transparency with their clients. In addition to finding the right solution that would satisfy their needs, EVP realized that finding a partner they could collaborate with for the long-term was of critical importance.

Impressed by their technical acumen and team-player ethos, EVP tapped 27Global to develop the new system.


After months of collaborating, building, testing and refining, together the EVP and 27Global teams launched a new DataLink system, built upon modern .Net/Angular architecture and utilizing enhanced material design standards for the user interface.

Since production cost consulting is a data-driven business, EVP’s data needed to be efficiently aggregated so that its consultants are able to produce detailed client reports. 27Global built and integrated a new Tableau-based data analytics capability with dynamic visual charts that have enabled EVP to deliver more robust, value-driven reports to their clients. With DataLink, EVP can now demonstrate the direct link between their service offerings and the cost savings they bring to their clients. Implementing innovative cloud technology has also significantly reduced the data entry load on EVP’s consultants.

The new system has also transformed the agency’s primarily paper-based document management process. Documents can now be easily uploaded, indexed, searched and managed within a more flexible, streamlined system. Enhancing their workflow capabilities has improved internal communications and made the lives of EVP’s consultants significantly easier.

Since launching the first iteration of DataLink in 2017, 27Global has remained a long-term development partner, offering ongoing support and further refining the system as needed.


Overall, DataLink has substantially improved EVP’s data and document management capabilities. As well as saving countless man hours and reducing paper, the new DataLink system has allowed EVP to further focus on serving their clients and improving the bottom line.

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