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The platform enables users to configure an entity group in minutes, rather than hours, allowing Twinify's internal team to focus on building data pipelines, bringing their first two clients live.

Revolutionizing digital twin management: Twinify Technologies’ journey with 27Global


Twinify Technologies provides digital twin transformation consulting services helping investors, owners, and operators of asset-intensive industries improve business outcomes. Twinify assists companies, like manufacturers, to gain insights that can then be leveraged by integrating with Twinify’s digital twin platform.


Twinify wished to create a more intuitive user interface for configuring and leveraging the digital twin. 27Global was brought on to assist with the development of a digital twin administrative portal. Twinify also needed assistance with expediting the completion of existing backlogs and defining the UI/UX vision between their various teams.

27Global’s foremost objective centered on enhancing Twinify’s administrative user interface and user experience. This involved the creation and optimization of tools for constructing, configuring, and overseeing digital twins, as well as the effective visualization of data from these active digital entities.


27G developed a comprehensive digital twin portal with fine-tuned graphic user interface (GUI) components. The work to support this included development of new APIs, enhancements to Twinify’s existing APIs, and enhancements to Twinify’s API infrastructure in AWS to make building and managing the digital twin more intuitive and performant.

27Global Provided:

Customer Management

  • Built interface for adding users to customer accounts, editing permissions, and updating customer profiles
  • Customer administrators can configure permissions to their users to maintain principles of least privilege

Styling Updates

  • Added “Berry” react template, making the GUI more modern and responsive
  • Added white label capabilities with a large variety of “themes” that dynamically render color fields across the platform
  • Added “tree” library to manage and view the hierarchy of digital twin nodes (aka entities)
  • Integrated and optimized the D3 library to display and manage the digital twins in a force-directed graph
  • Added other visual options such as the ability to toggle dark mode and add a customer’s logo

Twin Node Manager

  • This is a toolset that allows users to create and manage the nodes that comprise the digital twin in a “node group” or “entity group”
  • These nodes can be uncategorized based on information specific to the parent node
  • All nodes are grouped together in “branches” of the tree
  • The node manager supports the ability to create, edit, upload, and remove nodes and node groups
  • Users can perform an operation on one or multiple nodes with single and bulk operational capabilities
  • Displayed node groups support drag-and-drop interaction in a “tree” or a “force-directed graph”
  • Users can filter, save, and export entity groups into a file

Tag Mapper

  • The tag mapper is a GUI tool that enables the user to map the nodes in a node group to the data streaming element and nDimensional attribute
  • This GUI enables users to make bulk operations to map tags to a node
  • The primary method of mapping a tag is to click and drag a tag into a node variable
  • This toolset includes the capability for advanced filtering, displaying entities and variables that meet certain criteria

Dashboard Manager

  • Supports the ability to configure dashboards for each entity

Twin Manager

  • Tool for configuring digital twins from graphic interface

Data Ingestion Manager

  • Supports management of data ingestion to digital twin, including overwrites of previous logs, changes to mathematical operations, etc.

The platform built by 27Global enables users to configure an entity group in minutes, rather than the hours it previously took.


The entity manager portal provides an intuitive user experience for Twinify users managing digital twins. The new tools allow Twinify users to seamlessly configure digital twins. 27G’s work on this portal supported Twinify’s internal team to focus on piloting the new application with customers and optimizing the backend functionality for ingesting and managing digital twin data used within the application.

The project required 27Global to orchestrate with multiple third-party resources, including Neo4j graph database, nDimensional, and AWS, resulting in fine-tuned code design to reduce latency. Multiple iterations of the tree module using external libraries such as react arborist, D3, and AG Grid were integrated in order to have the module quickly render a tree with thousands of branches.

The platform built by 27Global enables users to configure an entity group in minutes, rather than the hours it previously took. Because 27Global was able to manage the workstream for development of the administration portal, Twinify’s internal team was able to focus on building data pipelines, bringing their first two clients live.

27Global is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner with unmatched expertise in using powerful AWS services to build, deploy, and manage complex cloud architectures for our clients. With multiple advanced certifications – including AWS Developer, Solutions Architect, Security and Data – our technical experience and success with AWS solutions offer you agility, security, and simple peace of mind. Whether serving as a resource to your internal team or completely managing your AWS environment, learn more about how we can help accelerate your business.


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