Factory 27 Features New Client Claims Made Easy

by Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global Twentyseven Global is excited to feature several of its new clients via Factory 27, the full-service software development suite for startups.  Claims Made Easy is one of the seven new clients currently leveraging Factory 27. Claims Made Easy was founded in 2010 with the overall goal helping consumers […]

Twentyseven Global Announces New Factory 27 Clients Including Claims Made Easy, RAZ Mobile, Pearl Leaves & More

Twentyseven Global, a mobile application and software development firm, announced seven Factory 27 clients since rolling out the new suite of services for startups the end of March 2013. Companies joining the factory include, but are not limited to, notable Kansas City-based start-ups such as Claims Made Easy, RAZ Mobile, and Pearl Leaves. Additionally, InstaTrace, a Silicon Valley startup, […]