Kansas City Custom Software Development Firm Explains What Businesses Need to Know About Single Sign-On

As companies offer increasingly complex software solutions to growing user populations, they must balance usability and accessibility with security and compliance requirements. For many companies, a single sign-on portal can be the secure and manageable solution. Historically, businesses have offered customers access to applications using simple username and password combinations that never changed. This practice […]

Insight from Kansas City and Denver-Based Custom Software Development Firm, Twentyseven Global: Solving Tech Talent Scalability

Kansas City and Denver-based custom software development company, Twentyseven Global, was created to solve the nightmare midsized companies are facing as a result of talent shortage in software development. This shortage results in wage pressures, difficulty finding key skill sets and an inability to scale a team quickly enough to meet business milestones. Midsized companies […]

Denver Ranked Among Top Five in Cities Emerging as Top Tech Centers

The technology industry continues to thrive across the United States and has become one of the strongest industries related to economic growth. According to a new report from JLL Technology Office, a firm that specializes in commercial real estate services and investment management, Denver ranks number four on the list of cities emerging as new […]

INDUSTRY Denver Construction Update

Construction is progressing for INDUSTRY Denver, the collaborative software development workspace that is home to Twentyseven Global’s Denver office for the company’s mobile and software development work. Once completed, INDUSTRY will have 120,000 square feet of space resting on nine and a half acres of land. The INDUSTRY Denver warehouse was built in 1939 and […]

Twentyseven Global To Attend Denver Startup Week

Twentyseven Global announced that it will be attending Denver Startup Week this fall. The event, which will happen Sept. 15-20, 2014 is geared to celebrate everything entrepreneurial the Mile-High City has to offer. Creighton O’Neal, vice president of client service in Denver at Twentyseven Global, said, “Startup Week is yet another example of the entrepreneurial spirit […]

Twentyseven Global Announces New Hire, Kelly Schrock

Twentyseven Global is pleased to announce that Kelly Schrock has joined its Kansas City as team senior solutions architect. Kelly is bringing 20 years of software development experience to Twentyseven Global, with a focus on mobile applications, M2M and Web services. Shrock has worked as a senior software engineer for Sprint, the mobile customer loyalty startup FrontFlip and for […]

Twentyseven Global Brings Software Development Expertise to Denver

By Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global Twentyseven Global is pleased to announce the opening of its Denver office on March 1, 2014. The custom software development company specializes in Microsoft .net, open source, Android and iPhone technologies. The opening of the Denver office comes at a time when the city is experiencing a high […]

Thinking Bigger Business Media Selects Twentyseven Global for 25 Under 25® Award

By Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global Thinking Bigger Business Media, a local small business publication, recently selected Twentyseven Global as one of the 25 best Kansas City companies under 25 employees for its 25 Under 25® Award. The decision was announced on Dec. 6, 2013 when a panel of judges selected the honorees based […]

Twentyseven Global Launches Dream Big America’s Online Technology: Website, Content Management Platform, Voting & Mobile Site

By Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global Twentyseven Global is proud to announce our partnership with Dream Big America, the first-ever, live, nationally syndicated radio show, pitting vetted entrepreneur ideas against each other. Twentyseven Global developed and is maintaining Dream Big America’s online technology including the website, content management platform, voting capability and text-back feature […]