27Global CEO Steve Roatch Reflects on ACG Capital Connection and Wine Tasting Event

The 27Global team recently attended the ACG Capital Connection & Wine Tasting event on May 11, 2017. The event was an opportunity for leaders in Kansas City’s business and investing community to network with one another while sampling some delicious wine. 27Global has an extensive history of working with investors and entrepreneurs, so the team was excited to take part in this event and learn about the current state of the middle market.

Steve Roatch, CEO of 27Global, noted a few differences between last year’s ACG Capital Connection and Wine Tasting event and this year as related to the state of investments in the middle market. “Last year, we met several companies looking to raise money, while this year we met more suppliers of capital looking for investable companies. Today, there’s plenty of capital available to the midmarket. It’s become a seller’s market, and the investors are competing to place their money at the best opportunities.”

One of the key drivers of this growth can be traced back to digital disruption and companies looking to innovate at the speed of light. If a company is looking to implement new customer front-ends and/or automated processes, they will likely require some type of software, and that’s where 27Global comes in.

In fact, more than half of our clients are investor-backed. That’s because investors see us as risk mitigation — they know their investment will be well-spent and the chances of success increase dramatically by working with us. Our proven track record of success and our unique approach to software development results in long-term solutions. Not only do we build out the software solutions to help our clients solve business problems, but we also advise our clients on best practices to create a solid, long-lasting foundation.

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