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Eliminate Unplanned Work with Automation

With our DevOps service offering, we enable rapid deployment of applications by automating the end-to-end delivery pipeline and facilitating continuous integration and development across leading cloud platforms. We work with your IT operations to reduce your overall costs by eliminating unplanned work and urgent firefighting on projects.

Monitor and Plan for Changes in the Market

27Global’s DevOps offering leverages collaboration, monitoring, toolchain pipelines, automation, and Cloud adoption. Our DevOps service enables you to continually monitor and respond to fluctuating market demand, update your existing offerings, or deliver a new product in accelerated time.

Release With Peace of Mind

27Global utilizes continuous automation and regression testing to help you experiment and release with confidence. By capitalizing on agile and scrum expertise, we help organize your team’s resources effectively, improve quality, achieve fast market feedback, and dramatically cut costs.

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