Whether it’s a new software capability, replacing an aging system, or updating an existing one, we can tailor a project to suit your needs. Every custom software development project is managed locally in Kansas City or Denver and includes architecture, design, quality assurance and DevOps support in addition to custom development. Clients often engage 27Global for ongoing software maintenance following the initial build, or move straight into a second phase.

Fixed Capacity

Often our clients have needs spanning several projects or have unique skill requirements for an extended period of time. For these situations we offer an agreed upon number of developers with specified skills for a specified length of time, from six to twelve months or more. As with our project-based work, our fixed capacity contracts include onshore architecture and design, onshore DevOps support, and both offshore and onshore quality assurance support. For some clients we are the entire software team. For others, we are supplemental to the client’s existing team, providing surge capacity or rounding out the team with additional skill sets.

Solutions for Startups

27Global’s expert team can help you select the technologies, design a solution, and build an MVP. To Kansas City and Denver entrepreneurs, we offer immediate access to hard-to-find software development skills. To investors, our experience and reputation represent investment protection. Investors tell us “the risk of delivering the technology just went down by engaging 27Global.”