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Crafting Experiences

A great software application is only as good as it’s user experience. What does it look like? How easy is it to use? This is a difficult problem for any team to solve; however, using a standard approach to understand your target audience and business requirements, we can develop the game plan to meet your goals.

Knowledge Gathering (Discover)

The most critical part of the design and development process is understanding the product and the audience for it. Utilizing user interviews, we gather feedback from existing or potential users to identify challenges they face with the application. This provides greater insight into how the product needs to be designed in order to address user behavior and pain points. Our designers work directly with our business analysts in defining user stories to ensure a full understanding of the application, both in the immediate term as well as into future sprints.

Wireframes and Iteration (Define)

The design process begins with hand sketched drawings of proposed UI’s usually in a whiteboard session. These drawings allow for quick iteration in person to hone the overall design and flows. After the whiteboard, these designs are converted to simple wireframes and we begin an iterative review process with the client and users to further refine the final design. Lastly these wireframes are converted into full color mockups for final review and ultimately, development in a sprint with accompanying business requirements.

Develop & Deliver

During active development of finalized designs and stories, we continue the iterative design process by looking ahead to future sprints and the backlog. Understanding the evolving business requirements throughout the agile process necessitates continued review of existing and future designs. After a sprint is delivered, user testing may require changes to existing UI/UX as well as the design approach going forward. The agile development process allows us to address these issues as soon as they are found and adjust course immediately.

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