With so many plays in the technology playbook, it’s easy to make a rookie mistake.

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Whether you are a mature IT shop with your own engineers or a brand new startup with no software expertise, Twentyseven Global Consultants are here to make sure we develop the right solution for your needs, not limitations. Through our initial planning meetings, we review the whole picture. As a result, we can determine the best technology stack to solve your particular need. Since each client is different, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. Above all, our goal is to customize a solution to create a seamless experience in both software engineering and user experience.

Solution architects develop a technology solution for a client by working together.

Our Solution Architects Can Help

Due to our breadth of skills, our Solution Architects come to the planning table without bias. Therefore, our team can help you choose the software development technology that is the right for your business based on your needs, not our limitations.

During our “Sprint 0”, we will work to define your technology requirements to solve your business needs. Additionally, we document project milestones and constraints.

In brief, instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, our Solution Architects come to the table with an agnostic approach to determine the best technology stack for your particular need.

Need help choosing a technology?  Learn about the options.