Slow is the New Down

No longer should your greatest fear be your system going down. (Though with IT downtime costing companies an average of $5,600 a minute, you should still be very afraid of that.) Instead, your biggest fear should be your applications slowing to the point of user frustration. Slow is the new down.

Twentyseven Global Client RAZ Mobile Expands to Africa

Twentyseven Global client RAZ Mobile is making their mobile fundraising app international! RAZ announced their partnership with to bring their platform to the African market. By creating a RAZ Mobile platform in the African market, more charitable donations will be supported to help many people in the country. Lulaviva loved the way the platform […]

Twentyseven Global’s Insight on the Windows 10 iOS and Android Mobile App Bridge

With every Windows 10 announcement, we are seeing evidence of Microsoft becoming more innovative. Last month at the Build 2015 conference, Microsoft came forward to answer the many rumors that it would provide a way for mobile apps to be on Windows 10 were true. Instead of starting from scratch to develop mobile apps for […]

Reasons to Fall for Mobile App Implementation

This Valentine’s Day, let your business fall for mobile app development and implementation by cozying up to the idea for a new mobile strategy that might make your heart sing. While you’re in the mood, find a developer who knows just how to talk to you about new strategies that might cool your icy exterior […]

Twentyseven Global Interviewed About Mobile App Development Tips In mrc’s Cup of Joe

Tray Ailshie, senior consultant at Twentyseven Global, shared some mobile app development tips in an interview with mrc’s Cup of Joe. The interview featured advice on how mobile app developers can create a great mobile user interface. Photo: William Hook via photopin cc In the interview, Ailshie said that simple animations can go a long […]

Twentyseven Global Shares B2B Mobile App Development Trends For 2014

By Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global In last week’s blog we discussed B2C (business to consumer) apps trending from native apps toward mobile web apps, the “responsively designed” version of desktop websites.  This week, we discuss B2B (business to business) apps trending in the other direction. While B2C businesses are using responsive design and […]

Twentyseven Global Shares B2C Mobile App Development Trends For 2014

By Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global 2014 is bringing several new mobile app development trends for B2C. Businesses are beginning to better understand the manner in which customers use mobile devices and mobile apps. Whether scanning a QR code, snapping a photo of a wine label or searching for a product or service on […]

Kansas City Mobile App Development Firm Builds New Wine App

By Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global Twentyseven Global completed a rich array of mobile app development services for Winebuys, a new wine app for consumers, retailers and winemakers. Winemakers can use the app to market their labels; retailers can use it to notify consumers about new wines, wine tastings, pricing and gifting promotions; and […]