Custom Software Development Firm Twentyseven Global Launches Entertainment Mobile App for Kansas City-Based Startup Ziyak

Kansas City and Denver-based custom software development firm Twentyseven Global built and launched an event-based mobile application platform for Kansas City-based startup Ziyak. The app went live on January 15, 2017. Together, the companies created a custom mobile app for Android and iOS and a cloud-based web application which shows users what is happening around their city.


Twentyseven Global started working with Ziyak in the middle of 2016. The project was built over the course of five months, utilizing Twentyseven Global’s standard Agile methodology. Work was organized and delivered in two-week sprints and all work was managed in JIRA. A CI/CD process was employed, using Jenkins to automate and control the build and deployment cycle.  


The web application was deployed on and utilizes Amazon AWS Cloud technologies. The application service is running on load-balanced Elastic Computing Cloud instances. The data is stored on a combination of cloud systems, Amazon’s Relational Database System (RDS) and DynamoDB. The RDS database is used for transactional data and the DynamoDB provides a NoSQL solution for high performance, high availability and unlimited scalability.  Additionally, AWS Cognito was utilized as the Identity Management Service. The iOS app was built with Swift and the Android app was built with Java.


The application itself is built using Full Stack JavaScript. The back end is Node.JS on the Express Framework. The front-end was developed using AngularJS to deliver a responsive, material design. The back-end serves up RESTful JSON web services to be consumed by the mobile applications.


This story is far from over. Currently, Twentyseven Global is developing a ticketing API integration into the app. Once this integration is completed, Ziyak will announce a partnership with its ticketing partner so that users can buy all tickets for concerts, sporting events and other events within the app. This update is scheduled to launch within the next month.


The primary reason Grommet chose to work with Twentyseven Global was proximity and reputation. Grommet and his team needed a firm that was nearby so they could work closely and solve problems together in a timely manner. Grommet said, “The biggest difference between Twentyseven Global and everybody else was that they saw the vision. They saw what we were trying to do and they wanted to help with whatever they needed to make this a household name.”


To download for iOS, click here.

To download for Android, click here.

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