A Shifting Mindset: The Transition from Project to Product

Volumes have been written about the transition from waterfall to agile methodologies and the resulting benefits in terms of speed, adaptability, and efficiency. But a far more valuable shift is often overlooked: the transition from “project” to “product.” Gone are the days of a series of months-long phases dedicated to sequentially tackling analysis, then design, […]

27Global builds BestyBnB digital pet reservation platform to protect domestic violence survivors and their pets

Leawood, Kan. — Local technology solutions firm 27Global has designed a comprehensive reservation system for Kansas City-based startup BestyBnB. Available on mobile and desktop and hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS), the BestyBnB web-based platform enables domestic violence (DV) shelters to search and secure long- and short-term pet boarding options for abuse victims’ pets during […]

27Global achieves AWS Select Consulting Partner certification

Leawood, Kansas — Software engineering and technology solutions company 27Global has been certified as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Consulting Partner, making them one of the few companies with the designation in the greater Kansas City area — and the only to offer a comprehensive portfolio of cloud operations, security, and custom development services. […]

DevOps: The engine that drives product development

An image of a sports care

Companies need a reliable engine to make their information technology run. DevOps is the engine that can transform your company from a family sedan into a powerful sports car. In my last blog on DevOps, we defined DevOps as a set of practices that automates processes and encourages coordination across all teams within a business, […]

How to choose the best programming language for a software development project

“What’s the best technology to use for my software development project?” As a custom software development firm, this is one of the most common questions we’re asked. Choosing the best programming language, library or technology stack is essential to successful software development, regardless of the problem you’re trying to solve. In general, we think you […]

DevOps: Software development’s quantum leap

Let’s face it, running a successful company is as much art as it is science. Getting a group of people to efficiently work together can be a daunting and sometimes difficult task. The most successful companies, though, manage to create a culture that values efficiency and ownership, where people thrive, collaboration happens and customers are […]

Shifting Left on Security

A white arrow on a green brick wall points to the left.

Asana, Trello, Basecamp—there are a dozen project management tools out there. And you’ve probably tried at least one. Here at 27Global, we prefer Jira Scrum boards for how detail-oriented they are and how they push our team to complete complex projects in rigorous, incremental “sprints”.  When we use the phrase “shifting left”, we’re referring to […]

Elevate Your Competitive Advantage with Your Own Software “Pit Crew”

From Melbourne in March to Abu Dhabi in December, I spend my weekends captivated by Formula 1 racing. And while the cars zipping around the track at earth-shattering speeds – and the occasional fiery crash – are exhilarating on their own merits, I’m particularly drawn to the nimble meticulousness of the pit crew. Any race […]

Slow is the New Down

No longer should your greatest fear be your system going down. (Though with IT downtime costing companies an average of $5,600 a minute, you should still be very afraid of that.) Instead, your biggest fear should be your applications slowing to the point of user frustration. Slow is the new down.

Combining Business Acumen with Technical Expertise for Exceptional Outcomes

Team Develops Custom Software

Running a business is hard! Every business is unique, and with that comes a unique set of challenges and opportunities. At 27Global, we combine business acumen with technical expertise to solve business challenges and create and sustain competitive advantages. Project teams consist of Consultants & Scrum Masters, Architects, Site Reliability Engineers, Developers, and Quality Assurance […]