Twentyseven Global’s Matt Henley Breaks Down the Importance of Continuous Integration for Software Development

Lines of yellow and green code on a computer screen.

Continuous integration is increasingly becoming the method of choice among software developers, in large part because of speed and accuracy in which code can be deployed. As Twentyseven Global consistently looks to cutting-edge technologies that have the ability to streamline processes and deliver better solutions for our clients, adopting continuous integration into our methodology was […]

Women Who Code: 27 Global Highlights Its Offshore Development Team

All around the world, women are receiving more access to education and job opportunities than ever before. That said, women still only occupy 26 percent of all computing professions in the U.S., according to the National Center for Women and Information Technology. With a shortage of trained tech employees in the U.S. and around the […]

Software Development Firm Twentyseven Global Makes Predictions for DevOps in 2017

DevOps proved to be more than just a buzzword among software developers in 2016. As the need to get to market faster increased, many companies reaped the benefits of DevOps strategies this past year. Twentyseven Global is already implementing a DevOps approach to streamline processes. Matt Henley, vice president of client service in Kansas City, […]

The History of Microservices in Software Development & How They Enhance Scalability

The increased use of Microservices is among the top predictions for technology trends in 2017. According to InfoWorld, emerging trends from 2016 like containers and microservices aren’t just fads that will die out in the new year. Instead, it’s the future of technology, and it’s already powering some of the nation’s most advanced tech companies. […]

Report: Significant Increase of Test Automation in Software Development

The software development landscape in 2017 is more fast-paced than ever before. The industry is evolving and advancing so quickly that manual testing of software is no longer cutting it. According to SD Times, the Wipro Limited’s State of Quality 2016 study found that more businesses are opting for test automation to keep up with […]

How will the Tech Talent Shortage Impact the Industry in 2017?

For nearly a decade, the IT industry has consistently added more jobs than any other field of work. According to CIO, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has made the prediction that by 2020, the country could generate as many as 4.2 million new jobs in computing and IT. While this is great news for […]