27Global Builds BestyBnB Digital Pet Reservation Platform to Protect Domestic Violence Survivors and Their Pets

Leawood, Kan. — Local technology solutions firm 27Global has designed a comprehensive reservation system for Kansas City-based startup BestyBnB. Available on mobile and desktop and hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS), the BestyBnB web-based platform enables domestic violence (DV) shelters to search and secure long- and short-term pet boarding options for abuse victims’ pets during their time of crisis. Confidentiality is paramount, and BestyBnB has security and confidentiality measures in place to protect the identity and location of pet caregivers and abuse victims alike.

Last month, BestyBnB announced that the company has raised $2 million from local businesswoman and prominent animal advocate, Sally Root, and signed on six DV shelters in the Kansas City area, including Rose Brooks Center, Hope House, Synergy Services, Safehome, Hope Haven of Cass County and YWCA-St. Joseph.

BestyBnB sought 27Global’s services because of the technology firm’s extensive track record of success in working with startup companies. 27Global’s expertise in mobile, web and cloud-native software solutions and its status as an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner and Microsoft Solutions Partner in Digital & App Innovation — as well as its proven success in delivering, supporting and monitoring long-term results — are all qualities that make for ideal partnerships with startups.

27Global’s platform design for BestyBnB enables “hosts” to sign up to offer pet care and to detail the services they provide as well as the types of pets they’re willing to host. Pet owners can also create a profile for their pet and search for potential hosts. The solution integrates mapping and messaging to facilitate locating and communicating between pet owners, and it hosts and handles billing for the hosts. 27Global also built an institution feature that enables institutions such as DV shelters to manage the pet-boarding and exchange process from start to finish.

The 27Global team designed BestyBnB’s platform to be scalable across all market types in the likelihood that BestyBnB expands its offerings in the future. The firm also prioritized the importance of security and privacy in the tech design to protect domestic violence survivors’ personal information.

“We worked to weave technology features and functionality with high security so that survivors won’t put themselves, their pets or their institutions at risk,” said 27Global’s Senior Software Consultant, Caylor Luther, who led design on the BestyBnB platform.

“We’re honored to have the opportunity to deliver a solution that will make such a difference in people’s lives,” added 27Global CEO Steve Roatch.

After achieving proof of concept in Kansas City, BestyBnB hopes to expand its services to other markets and verticals across the U.S. 27Global’s scalable technology has provided them the means to do exactly that. 27Global is performing ongoing maintenance and support for BestyBnB through its Site Reliability Engineering offering to continually maximize uptime, performance and security of the system.

“I have so many positive thoughts when I think about our relationship with 27Global,” said BestyBnB co-founder Matt Krentz. “As a forward-thinking software company, they’ve created an amazing work environment and culture for their staff. BestyBnB has experienced firsthand how that commitment positively translates to the client and the product. On a weekly basis, we work with a talented group of technologists who are as passionate and dedicated to BestyBnB’s mission and success as Andy Bond and I are.”

“27Global is a true partner in every sense of the word,” BestyBnB co-founder Andy Bond said. “Their team is prepared, accountable and always willing to roll up their sleeves to creatively solve challenges. Add to that top-tier technical skills possessed by genuine people, and it creates an ease of collaboration that produces powerful software that looks beautiful and is easy to use. And if all of that wasn’t enough, they are really fun to work with, too. Bottom line: The BestyBnB platform is better due to 27Global’s involvement.”

For more information, visit 27Global.com.

About 27Global

Founded in 2008, 27Global designs, builds and operates technology solutions for their clients of all sizes. The perfect pairing of a local leadership with offshore scaling and pricing, 27Global has the business acumen to understand your vision and the expertise to build your technology solution. Learn more at 27Global.com.

About BestyBnB

BestyBnB provides a platform for Domestic Violence Agencies to search and select from a list of loving, qualified and vetted pet caregiver households who desire to foster the pets of abuse victims. With 95% of agencies not having the resources to house pets, BestyBnB is removing one of the largest barriers faced by Agencies today. Before BestyBnB, abuse victims had to decide between their and their children’s safety and that of their pets. It shouldn’t be a choice. And it no longer is. For more information, visit www.bestybnb.com.


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