Combining Business Acumen with Technical Expertise for Exceptional Outcomes

Running a business is hard! Every business is unique, and with that comes a unique set of challenges and opportunities. At 27Global, we combine business acumen with technical expertise to solve business challenges and create and sustain competitive advantages. Project teams consist of Consultants & Scrum Masters, Architects, Site Reliability Engineers, Developers, and Quality Assurance Testers working under the management of our senior leadership. Combining the skillsets of business-focused consultants with a highly technical development team create exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Business Acumen

Our consulting team works directly alongside our clients from the start of each engagement through the delivery to production. At the start of each project, that means conducting discovery sessions where we seek to fully understand the needs and challenges of each client. Our consultants become experts in each client’s business and learn to anticipate and plan for the future. Our clients have our phone numbers! As each project moves into the build phase, we continue to meet with our clients to refine requirements, manage scope, and build the product backlog. Consultants also manage the project throughout, working with the development team daily, continuously monitoring scope and budget, and presenting weekly status reports highlighting accomplishments, future plans, blocking issues, and proposed resolutions.

Technical Expertise

While understanding our client’s business needs is one thing, it’s equally important that the technical implementation is sound. Our Architecture team has years of experience building enterprise grade software and our Site Reliability Team has years of experience maintaining business-critical systems. This experience building and maintaining custom software has defined our approach to development and reliability engineering. We utilize a curated set of development and reliability tools, combined with thoroughly refined processes, to ensure that our client projects are built with attention to detail and maintained with the utmost care. CI/CD Pipelines are established to automate testing and deployment processes. Our development and QA teams are carefully selected for experience and suitability specific to each project. We conduct regular code reviews to make sure coding standards are being followed properly. Though we’ve worked on the bleeding edge, we focus on implementing cutting-edge technologies that have a robust support system, ensuring that our clients are set up to succeed.

Exceptional Outcomes

In an ever more competitive business world where 50% of technology projects fail, making sure you pick the right team for your project is imperative to the success of your business. 27Global’s approach to software development and maintenance has stood the test of the time, and we’re continuously making improvements to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. By combining business-focused consultants with technically-focused architects, site reliability engineers, developers, and QA testers, 27Global brings an all-star team each project. Our clients can tell our story better than we can. Read some of our client success stories here:

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