Will AI Give Subscription Pricing the Punch in the Nose It Deserves?

Over the past decade, in part due to the continued dominance of Software as a Service (SaaS), many industries have eschewed conventional sales in favor of subscription-based pricing. In the realm of entertainment, streaming options have grown so dominant and retailers such as BestBuy have begun wholly exiting the physical media market. When it comes to […]

DevOps: Software Development’s Quantum Leap

devops software development quantum leap

Let’s face it, running a successful company is as much art as it is science. Getting a group of people to efficiently work together can be a daunting and sometimes difficult task. The most successful companies, though, manage to create a culture that values efficiency and ownership, where people thrive, collaboration happens and customers are […]

How to Weather the Storm: Lessons From a 2008 Startup

how to weather the storm 2020 business

When I hear somebody say “unprecedented,” the most overused word of the coronavirus era, I think of Samuel L. Jackson’s character in “Pulp Fiction,” daring his unfortunate victim to “Say what [unprecedented] again!” Sure, the specifics of this coronavirus pandemic are unique. But we’ve seen recessions, depressions, national emergencies, wars, and even pandemics before. The […]

Senior Consultant Patrick Kinne Recaps Boomtown Accelerator’s Demo Day 2017

An illustration of a Colorado mountain range

Patrick Kinne, our senior consultant, recently attended the Boomtown Accelerator’s Fall 2017 Demo Day on November 14. Eight companies pitched their businesses and presented product demonstrations to a packed house at the Boulder Theater, which featured an open bar for the entire event. To add subject diversity, each presenting company had a unique focus, ranging […]

Twentyseven Global’s Creighton O’Neal Reflects on Denver Startup Week Events

27Global gives a presentation during Denver Startup Week 2017

The 2017 Denver Startup Week has come and gone and a few team members from our Denver office were able to take part in the excitement. While last year’s event broke the previous year’s attendance record by bringing in 13,700 people, this year’s event saw more than 17,000 individuals participate. Creighton O’Neal, vice president of […]

Twentyseven Global Leadership Looks Forward to Attending Sixth Annual Denver Startup Week

Denver skyline for Denver Startup Week 2017

The sixth annual Denver Startup Week is officially underway and custom software development firm Twentyseven Global’s Creighton O’Neal is looking forward to attending many of the events. O’Neal, vice president of client service in Denver, expects attendance for this year’s DSW to be even higher than last — which set a record for the world’s […]

Twentyseven Global Leadership Team Weighs in on New Jumpstart Academy for Startups in Denver

Last week, it was announced that the Denver Office for Economic Development launched Jumpstart Academy. According to Confluence Denver, the academy will be focused on second-stage growth and helping startups reach their next stages. Jumpstart Academy will provide training, mentorship and opportunities for entrepreneurs in Denver. The academy builds on the other startup resources Denver offers […]

Kansas City Startup OYO Brings NASA Fitness Technology to Earth

While rarely thought of as a form of technology, exercise equipment is indeed getting smarter. According to Tech.co, the fitness and wellness industry generated $542 billion in revenue last year and OYO Fitness, a Kansas City-based fitness firm, wants a piece of the action.   Paul Francis, CEO and founder of OYO Fitness, created a […]

Twentyseven Global and Ziyak Featured in Silicon Prairie News

Recently, Twentyseven Global built a custom mobile app for Kansas City startup Ziyak. The events and entertainment-based mobile app was recently spotlighted on Silicon Prairie News.   Vice president of client services of Twentyseven Global Matt Henley, said, “We appreciate the kind words from Randy and Evan at Ziyak in the Silicon Prairie News article. […]