Senior Consultant Patrick Kinne Recaps Boomtown Accelerator’s Demo Day 2017

Patrick Kinne, our senior consultant, recently attended the Boomtown Accelerator’s Fall 2017 Demo Day on November 14. Eight companies pitched their businesses and presented product demonstrations to a packed house at the Boulder Theater, which featured an open bar for the entire event. To add subject diversity, each presenting company had a unique focus, ranging from AI conversations to energy storage devices. Here are Patrick’s key takeaways from the companies that presented and the problems they are trying to solve.

Diagnosis AI

Ask a medical question or describe your symptoms to DiagnosisAI, and it’s artificial intelligence platform will immediately answer your question, provide medical advice and even recommend treatments. It’s completely free, immediate and works on Amazon Alexa.

Hygge Power

Hygge Power’s first product, OPO (Orchestrated Power Outlet), is an advanced home battery system that responds to energy fluctuations, service interruptions and electronics loads. OPO transforms regular power outlets to optimize household power consumption and keep essential electronics humming during blackouts or storms. OPO connects to Wi-Fi in order to send pertinent, real-time insight to end-users, as well as demand-response signals to balance energy usage and reduce costs. OPO is a network of connected and scalable storage devices for small appliances, electronics and devices.


Welto is a platform for spending cryptocurrency directly without the need to convert crypto money into dollars. It processes your transactions instantly, meaning there’s no delay of three to five business days and it works with both fiat money (dollars etc.) and cryptocurrency in one application. Account management has never been easier!

True Sync Media

TrueSyncMedia works to leverage televisions in public places by broadcasting engaging content and advertisements. For example, they place televisions in doctor’s offices and televise quality health information before patients step into the exam room. Patients enjoy easy-to-understand health information which is blended with high quality entertainment.


Yaguara provides growth management for eCommerce. Yaguara aligns teams behind goals and gives individuals access to the data they need so they can be productive, proactive and successful. It allows you to always know where your team is heading and what each individual is responsible for. The user can also track performance in real time and dive deeper into your data with simple, powerful visuals. Yaguara supports teams with individualized insights so that you can make better decisions faster.


The number one goal of Fanboard is to create a better fan experience by turning a mobile device into an enhancing lense that can transform the everyday experience into fully interactive moments. Fanboard’s immersive products attract fans to their favorite team’s native app. The engagement creates a connection with the team’s brand and provides an opportunity to connect fans with team sponsors. Additionally, these engagements are designed to incentivize new purchases, including concessions, merchandise, upgrades and tickets with the potential of eventually turning average fans into a season ticket holders.


ChargaCard is an automated payment processing platform for businesses that ensures on-time payments and lower collection costs. ChargaCard helps generate repeat business, provide new payment options and increase customer lifetime value.


Simor is a highly engaging education platform that aims to engage students and empower educators by providing complete control to the educator. Students can ask academic questions and Simor’s tutors will help them reach the answer as well as connect with other students who share similar academic interests.

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