Twentyseven Global Leadership Team Weighs in on New Jumpstart Academy for Startups in Denver

Last week, it was announced that the Denver Office for Economic Development launched Jumpstart Academy. According to Confluence Denver, the academy will be focused on second-stage growth and helping startups reach their next stages.

Jumpstart Academy will provide training, mentorship and opportunities for entrepreneurs in Denver. The academy builds on the other startup resources Denver offers including the Commons on Champa, Denver Capital Matrix, Denver Startup Week and Denver Venture Capital Report.

Creighton O’Neal, vice President of client service at Twentyseven Global, said this is a great opportunity to equip startups with invaluable resources. O’Neal said, “Many people already know that the success rate of startups is low, but initiatives like the Jumpstart Academy help get startups the right information, resources and networking opportunities they need to be successful.”

O’Neal also highlighted the significance of a startup who has reached the second-stage of funding, and the benefit that it offers to Twentyseven Global. “Once a company reaches the second stage, that’s when they are able to get the necessary funding to scale their business. This is the point at which we can work with startups and help them build the technology they need to grow,” O’Neal said.

Twentyseven Global frequently works with startups because oftentimes, startups are small and don’t have an IT department to facilitate a large project like software development. By acting as an outsourced chief technology officer that provides consulting and expertise, Twentyseven Global helps de-risk a startup’s investment in technology.

Overall, Jumpstart Academy is expected to increase the number of more viable startup companies in Denver. O’Neal said, “from a project perspective, working with startups is very exciting. They are fun projects to work on and tend to use cutting-edge technologies. We work with a digital marketing agency who can help get a startup press coverage, and startups can also be a great reference. There is a significant shared value when it comes to working with startups.”

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