CEO of Twentyseven Global and Angel Investor Steve Roatch to Attend InvestMidwest in Kansas City


The 18th annual InvestMidwest is set to take place on March 28-29, 2017 at the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center. Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global and angel investor, is gearing up for the event, which will be his fifth consecutive year in attendance.

InvestMidwest is a venture capital conference that showcases startup companies from across the Midwest from industries including life sciences, technology and food/ag/bioenergy.

As an angel investor and CEO of a custom software development firm, Steve has identified several areas of value he can capitalize on as a result of attending the conference. “There’s a good chance I’ll find investable companies at InvestMidwest. We see a lot of incredible ideas and innovative companies doing things with technology year after year and I’m excited to see what this year will bring.”

In addition to finding investable companies to add to his portfolio, Steve has also identified InvestMidwest as an opportunity to help companies deliver the technology called for in their business plan. Steve said, “Startup companies often need help building technology or simply need advice on how to proceed. Once a company gets an investment, they must spend it wisely. Sometimes this means outsourcing the technology build to a competent third party.  Twentyseven Global has helped dozens of startups in this fashion.

Over the past five years, Steve has seen a noticeable shift in the caliber of companies that are being showcased. “Five years ago, we saw a lot of companies building technology for the sake of technology.  For example, the entire business plan may have been an idea for a new mobile app.   Today companies have business plans to disrupt existing business models.  Technology is part of the business plan, but the goal is disruption.  To me, that’s a stronger investment opportunity.”
Steve also reinforced the importance of the fact that InvestMidwest is an opportunity for the entrepreneurial community to come together. He says, “In addition to the companies seeking capital, you’ll meet people from a local groups like Mid-America Angels and Digital Sandbox or regional venture capital firms such as Cultivation Capital from St. Louis.  Everyone in attendance at InvestMidwest is focused on building new companies so it’s a great networking opportunity.”

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