Kansas City Milkman Matt Shatto Launches New Ag Technology Startup

New Ag Technology


Matt Shatto, co-founder of the beloved Kansas City dairy operation, Shatto Milk Company, and CEO of TerraManus Technologies, is pioneering new sustainable technology to help farmers reap more crops while reducing costs. According to Agrimoney, ag technology like this isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.


TerraManus Technologies, launched in 2016 after eight years of field testing, created the “TerraStar Disk,” a patented device that helps farmers better manage soil and allocate water resources. It looks like a plastic wheel with wide treads that attach to farming equipment, such as combines and tractors. When several disks line up beside one another, the wheels’ treads create a series of divots, consolidating soil. The consolidated soil enables plants to have more exposure to the sun and increase its access to hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen.


According to Startland News, last May, TerraManus tested the TerraStar Disk in Indiana with Red Gold, the Midwest’s largest tomato processor. From a study in partnership with Purdue University, the group discovered that after three months, Red Gold’s TerraStar plot generated a 75 percent greater yield than the control plot.


“We were astounded by the results,” Shatto said. “We believe that once everyone sees the results of our studies they’ll have no choice but to invest, as we provide such a greater outcome for farmers.”


In addition to being a great tool for farmers, Shatto sees the potential for the technology to benefit the environment. TerraStar Disk has been proven to be a more sustainable planting option and has been tested in Senegal, Africa through the United States Agency for International Development.

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