MuleSoft now seamlessly transfers data from BenefitPoint to Salesforce, significantly reducing team member workload and enabling better use of the data.

Implementing MuleSoft for seamless, real-time data transfer


Lockton is one of the world’s largest independent insurance brokers. The smooth dispersal of data is key to maintaining their worldwide presence and reputation for service.

When data quality became an issue for a retirement services unit, Lockton discovered a break in the smooth flow of information. Data was being manually transferred from one software program to another, causing a delay in the transfer of information and raising the possibility of error.

Lockton needed a creative solution to free up staff time and improve the quality and timeliness of data crucial to doing business.


Lockton’s Vice President of IT Strategy and Architecture Jason Sears knew additional capacity was needed to solve the problem in a timely manner, and he wanted someone local who also had an offshore component. Sears knew working with an offshore company could lower the costs of the project but was concerned would add more tasks to his already full plate.

“I could find a team offshore and deal with them directly, then I have to be the one who manages and deals with the around the clock schedule or look for a shop that hides the complexity of the offshore team.”

-Jason Sears, Vice President of IT Strategy and Architecture, Lockton

He also wanted a smaller company that was highly responsive and could provide personalized service.

After meeting with the leadership at 27Global, Sears knew he had found a team that could work alongside his own people to solve the problem. 27Global embedded team members at Lockton to shadow the Lockton employee who had been manually cleaning and transferring the data from BenefitPoint to Salesforce. Upon gaining a clear understanding of the problem, 27Global was able to quickly propose a solution to integrate disparate data sources utilizing an enterprise integration and API platform built on MuleSoft.

Implementing this solution would allow for the seamless transfer of data from BenefitPoint to Salesforce in real time. With additional validations, transformations and translations created by the 27Global developers, no manual clean-up of the data would be necessary.


Within a few months, 27Global had MuleSoft seamlessly transferring data from BenefitPoint to Salesforce, significantly reducing the workload for the team member who had been manually importing the data. The timely, clean data also made a huge difference in the way Lockton’s team members could use the data.

“They got it released… and improved the quality of the data the business was able to use inside of Salesforce. They had a higher degree of trust and confidence in their data.”

-Jason Sears, Vice President of IT Strategy and Architecture, Lockton

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