Custom Software Development Firm Twentyseven Global Celebrates Client Achievements at Techweek KC

Techweek KC came to a close last week with the LaunchKC grant competition on Friday. Out of 400 companies who applied, 20 startups competed for $500,000 in grants from the state of Missouri, via the Missouri Technology Corporation.

Twentyseven Global is proud to announce that two of its clients, PlanIT Impact and Play-it Health, participated in the competition. PlanIT Impact was among one of eight companies to win a $50,000 grant, and although Play-it Health did not win, we are pleased to report that they were chosen to be in the top 20 of 400 companies who applied.

Significance of the LaunchKC Grant at Techweek KC

By partaking in the LaunchKC grant competition at Techweek KC, it’s a validation by the investment community to be one of nine winners chosen from an applicant pool of over 400 companies. Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global, said, “The award is a non-dilutive grant that will enable the company to continue to evolve its product features and sales expansion. The exposure from the award and event add to the company’s momentum in getting its product to market.”

PlanIT Impact

PlanIT Impact offers a software-as-a-service tool designed to help architects optimize the long-term cost and environmental impact of their designs by adjusting factors that impact energy and water usage, stormwater management and transportation early in the design process. The software guides the user to pursue certifications or simply design a better-performing building.

Twentyseven Global began working with PlanIT Impact in February 2016 with the objective of completing the minimally viable product for the launch of their software-as-a-service solution which would then be licensed for use by other architecture firms. Roatch said, “We assisted with a number of core product features including energy and water ROI calculations, stormwater runoff, window area, building square foot calculations and user management features.”

Play-it Health

Play-it Health was founded by Dr. Kimberly Gandy after noticing how her patients struggled to engage and adhere to their ­prescriptions and medical regimen. As a result, Dr. Gandy tapped Twentyseven Global to develop a custom health engagement solution, featuring a clinician portal and a mobile app called Plan-it Med.

Twentyseven Global has a proven track record of working with startup companies. Startups choose to work with Twentyseven Global given our history of successful implementations and the ability to cost-effectively use the client’s invested capital.

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