Rescue a struggling project with prescriptive, actionable insights.

Software Project Rescue

Problems often require a new perspective to solve them. 27Global’s Project Rescue solution is focused on inspecting your development process end-to-end, identifying areas to improve, and getting your development back on track. We’ll identify all of the factors contributing to a failing project with a 2-6 week engagement of local Consultants, Architects, and Cloud Engineers.

Analysis & Diagnosis

Our Project Rx solution team diagnoses all aspects of a project, including:
  • Architecture, code and software frameworks
  • Code deployment tools and practices
  • Agile (or other) software development practices
  • Pre-prod and prod infrastructure, and
  • Team member skills.
This diagnostic results in a checklist identifying impediments and recommendations for remediating them. We understand the issues every project faces because we’ve faced and overcome them ourselves. Leverage 27Global’s expertise to prescribe the work your project needs to save time, money, and ultimately deliver your product.

Prescriptive Recommendations

Next we’ll develop an implementation plan based on the recommendations from the diagnostic. Each recommendation comes with an estimate and suggested priority for remediation. We have the soft skills to align stakeholders and development teams in a unified product vision, along with the technical strength and wisdom to solve complex technical challenges. We can apply the same holistic approach we use for software development to get a flailing project moving in the right direction.

Solution Implementation

With many factors often contributing to a project’s failure, turning it all around can be a large task. We’re always ready to assist with or take over the implementation. Let 27Global’s experienced team rescue your project so you can achieve your business goals.

Throw your project a life preserver.

Client Stories

Our work speaks for itself. We’re enabling the future of enterprises by providing high quality custom software products for clients across industries including financial services, healthcare, engineering and information technology.

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