Tech Internships: 5 Keys to Success at 27Global

Tech internships are competitive. As 27Global Consulting Intern Mitchell Stone wraps up his summer internship in our Denver office, we asked him to reflect on what he’s learned so far.

Landing an internship at a custom software development company where you get to roll up your sleeves and get involved in the day-to-day activities is rare. It’s why I feel fortunate to have earned a spot in 27Global’s Denver office, where I’ve not only engaged in hands-on learning, but I’ve also been able to ask questions and pitch my ideas in a collaborative, supportive environment.

Here are the five keys to a successful internship at 27Global:

1. Listening

This has always been a critical skill for anyone in the workplace. Listening is essential to developing successful partnerships and achieving positive outcomes. By being an active listener, I’ve gained valuable insight, increasing my awareness of the company’s clients, business practices, values and processes. I honed my listening skills by watching the 27Global team interact with clients like Denver’s Craig Hospital, who gave high praise for taking the time to understand their unique challenges.

2. Communication

Whether working in-person at the office or remotely with clients and our Vietnam team members, communication in a project-heavy organization is key. Don’t fully understand the requirements of a project? Ask. Not sure how you’re supposed to instruct and lead an overseas team? Ask. Rather than spinning my wheels trying to come up with a solution—especially when I was just starting out as an intern—I found it best to just ask my supervisor or others on the team. Not only was it more efficient, but it also reduced the risk of making a serious mistake.

3. Learning

This is a no-brainer. One of 27Global’s core values, the Abundance Mentality, helped me keep learning top of mind. The belief that there’s no limit to what we can learn – and there is no shortage of places to find good information – is one that will stick with me throughout my career. When your team believes there is enough credit to go around, it inspires them to work together and build each other up rather than compete.

4. Stewardship

At 27Global, building and maintaining excellent relationships with clients is not just important – it’s sacrosanct. Relationships aren’t a zero-sum game. The point is for both parties to win, and that starts with building lasting relationships. 27Global’s CEO and Founder, Steve Roatch, defines Stewardship as, “leaving every situation better than we find it.” I see evidence of this core value throughout the organization, including how the team mentored me and contributed to my success during the course of my internship.

5. Serving

As a newcomer, it can seem difficult to ramp up to a project. But by putting the four previous principles into practice, I found I was able to find ways to serve colleagues and clients. Our team firmly believes in service as a way to make someone else’s life easier, and they welcomed my help when I sought ways to serve.

The past three months at 27Global have set me up for success as I move forward with my career. As I wind down this incredible internship, I’m grateful to the 27Global team for their generosity with both their time and expertise. Thank you!

Mitchell Stone is 27Global’s Consulting Intern. Founded in 2008, 27Global designs, builds and operates custom software solutions for businesses of all sizes. The perfect pairing of a local leadership with offshore pricing, 27Global has the business acumen to understand your vision and the expertise to build your software solution. To learn more, visit or connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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