When and Why AWS Billing Alerts Matter

damir spanic vwaTtIhCjVg unsplash

Regardless of how you’re using Amazon Web Services (AWS), an important first step – after enabling multi-factor authentication – is setting up budget and billing alerts. Last month I shared the costly consequences of not taking these steps. This month, I’ll share another expensive lesson learned that underscores the importance of AWS billing alerts, along […]

Tech Internships: 5 Keys to Success at 27Global

5 tech internship keys to success

Tech internships are competitive. As 27Global Consulting Intern Mitchell Stone wraps up his summer internship in our Denver office, we asked him to reflect on what he’s learned so far. Landing an internship at a custom software development company where you get to roll up your sleeves and get involved in the day-to-day activities is […]

Staff Spotlight | Caylor Luther

Staff spotlight of 27Global employee Caylor Luther

While every project has its twists and turns, Caylor Luther enjoys finding the right questions to ask. Read on as we reveal what life’s really like for a consultant at 27Global. Title and Role When asked to describe his title and role, Luther replied, “My current title at 27Global is consultant. My day-to-day role includes […]