Staff Spotlight | Caylor Luther

While every project has its twists and turns, Caylor Luther enjoys finding the right questions to ask. Read on as we reveal what life’s really like for a consultant at 27Global.

Title and Role

When asked to describe his title and role, Luther replied, “My current title at 27Global is consultant. My day-to-day role includes interactions with our clients providing status updates and validating any questions, designing process workflows and functional requirements, managing a team of developers to ensure all questions are answered and enhancements are fully tested.” He continued, “I’m also involved in long-term planning with our clients to ensure we are on schedule to complete work in the near and distant future.”

Why 27Global?

Asked to describe why 27Global felt like the right fit for him, Luther replied, “My favorite part about what I do is being given an idea by a client and turning that into something they are able to see and interact with. Every project has its twists and turns, and I enjoy finding the right questions to ask.” Luther continued, “My first two stops in my career were very large companies. So what I enjoy the most about 27Global is the atmosphere of a smaller company.”

Favorite Projects

When asked to describe his favorite software development project he’s worked on during his time at 27Global, Luther mused, “My favorite project is probably the first one I was a part of. I joined the project after it was already underway, but still early in the process.” Luther laughed, “There’s nothing like your first project!”

He continued, “The chance to dive in and learn the system in and out. It has been very insightful and rewarding to assist a client in moving from previously outdated software to completely new software while adding more functionality along the way.”

Outside 27Global

A Troy, Kansas native, Luther graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in 2013. When he’s not sifting through the day-to-day complexities of software development, Luther enjoys grilling out, playing sand volleyball and softball, swimming and fishing.

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